Friday, 9 November 2018

We're Inspiring Animals

Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

We haven't posted for a while, but we've been busy.

The animals have all been very inspiring.  So much so, that Mum's recently published a book of poetry inspired by us!  It's called "Poetic Pets".

If you remember the Poem About Princess that was in the blog a while back,  that's in the book, but there's also poems about Fanta, and more importantly, me.

She's also released a new novel and a new children's book.  Here are the details:

Of course, the only one you are interested in will be "Poetic "Pets".  I don't even know why Mum bothered with the other ones.

Mum says I have to tell you that all the books are available now from and will soon be available from most online bookshops.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,

Mr Bumpy,
Very inspirational Bloggercat,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

Monday, 27 August 2018

A Poem about Princess


Collar bell jingles, soft paws pat her ball,
the kitten is playing her way down the hall.

She wiggles her bum as she targets a pounce,
knocks things off the shelf to see if they bounce.

She leaps into a lap for a moment or two,
but can’t stay there when there’s so much to do.

The world is all new, there’s so much to explore,
for this little kitten there’s adventures galore!

She scampers and climbs, she runs then she stays,
Life is a game, won’t you please come and play?

Then all of a sudden, she comes to a stop,
She gives a small yawn, and she falls with a flop.

And then with a deep self-satisfied purr
she forms a tight ball of warm snuggly fur.

She twitches a whisker and breathes long and deep

the sweet gentle snore of an innocent sleep.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Life is Good Again

OK, Fanta may be asleep with
her head buried in Mum's dressing-gown
but trust me, she's very glad to cuddle with me. - Princess
Guess what?

My stitches are out! The cone is gone!  I've had a good all-over lick and the humans can scratch under my chin and behind my ears again.

Best of all, I'm free of the bathroom and allowed to be with my Fanta again!

I'm glad all the bad stuff is over.  Life is good again.

Princess Purrs.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Op

Princess, post-op.

I've had the op.  The one the RSPCA's Operation Wanted calls the "D-53X upgrade".

Mum calls it the "I don't have to find homes for endless litters of kittens" op.

I would tell you about it, but I had a really big sleep and when I woke up it was all over.

I'm a bit sad, though, because the vet said I can't play with my doggy sister until my stitches are better.  So I'm shut in the bathroom away from the other animals.  And I've got this thing on my head, which makes it really hard to do things, and which keeps getting dirty.

I can't groom myself, so Mum keeps giving me powder baths with nice smelly powder and the brush.  It feels nice and makes me purr, but I'd really like to be able to have a good lick.  Mum also has to keep cleaning this thing on my head.

When I want cuddles, I can't just go and find a human. I have to meow.  Fanta hears me and gets a human for me (she's a really good sister, and I want to go and play with her.)

Oh, and I noticed something really strange! Mirror Cat has one of these things on her head too!

No he doesn't. Mirror Cat's still his usual handsome self - Mr Bumpy.

Who's this Mirror Cat? Why don't I know them? - Fanta.

Mirror Cat definitely does have one.  And she's stuck in the bathroom too.

I'm glad my humans keep coming in to visit me, or I would be very lonely in here.

Mum says it's only a few more days and I can have my stitches out and go back to normal. I can't wait!

Princess Purrs.

Note: Until the end of August Operation Wanted is giving 20% discount on desexing your pet.  Check here to find a participating vet

Friday, 20 July 2018

Princess Cleanpants

Princess kitten cleaning her tail.
Excuse me, I just have to tidy the bit of hair that
was washed. - Princess
Princess: Mum! Mum! Meow! Mum! Help!

Mum: What are you yowling about?

Princess: Mum! There's poop in my hair! Poop! In! My! Hair!

Mum: Ooh a bit smelly.  Let's clean you up.

(Mum runs warm water into the handbasin in the bathroom.)

Mum: OK Where are you hiding?

Princess: I'm not hiding. I'm right here beside your foot.

Mum:  Oh, you didn't run away this time?

Princess: I'm not a baby anymore.  I'm a big kitten.  And there's poop on my back leg! Poop!

(Mum picks up Princess and puts her back legs in the water, gently washing. Then wraps Princess in a towel.)

Mum: OK all done.Sorry about the water.

Princess: That's OK. It's better than poop.

(Princess tidies her hair up then goes to cuddle up with Mum.)

Princess: I know I'm still damp, but I figured you wouldn't mind because you love me enough to clean poop off me.

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Princess Sneakypaws

Image: seal-point ragdoll kitten stepping into a handbag.
I sneaked into Mum's bag.
No-one saw me.

Do you know I'm the sneakiest kitten in the world?

I hide under the bed and when a human or animal walks past I tap them with my paw and surprise them.

I can flatten myself to get under the couch.  Mum says, "I know cats can flatten themsleves a lot, but how does she manage to get her skull through a gap half the size of her head?"

I sneak into the workings of the couch if a human has the footrest up.  Mr D says, "Don't put the footrest down now, or you'll decapitate the cat."

Yesterday,  I sneaked into Mum's handbag. She takes it everywhere, so I thought maybe it had treats or toys or something good in there.  Sadly, it was just human stuff she had in there.  There was a lot of it.

That gives me an idea.  If I could get rid of all this human stuff, there would be room for a half-grown kitten to fit in this bag.  Then I could sneak wherever Mum goes when she leaves the house.

Image: sealpoint ragdoll kitten with head and all paws in a handbag.
I would have to get rid of all Mum's stuff
to fit in here properly.
I wonder what kind of interesting place she goes?  Maybe the place the cat food comes from.  Imagine, a place full of cat food.  That would be amazing.  I've tried to sneak into the animal food cupboard a couple of times, but Mr D's always caught me.  But if I managed to sneak into the place where all the food comes from I'd make sure he couldn't catch me!

What a great sneak that would be!

Why did Mum just zip up her bag?

I'm off to try to sneak into the laundry - I'm fascinated by washing machines.

Princess Purrs