Monday, 19 September 2011

Sounds like my kind of cat!

Dear Mr Bumpy

I had a black cat once called Mephistopheles, or Meffy for short.  In fact, I had four different black cats consecutively, all called Meffy as it saved thinking, but you may not want to know about that.  I was reminded of one of these Meffys by the picture of your good self on top of the fridge.  This Meffy used to use the top of my fridge as a staging post from which to open a head-height kitchen cupboard.  He would then get into the cupboard, curl up on the dinner plates, and close the door after himself.  I never saw him doing this, just found him curled up on the dinner plates when I unsuspectingly opened the cupboard.  Although this happened more than once, it never failed to be extremely startling.
I think you would have liked him

Dear Lyndal

I think I would have loved him! He really does sound like my kind of cat - one who won't let little things like doors get in the way of what he wants.

Thank you for telling me about him.

Kindest regards
Mr Bumpy 

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