Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mr Woof Had A Grrrreat Week

Mr Woof got his own bed!
 (Because Bumpy got stuck out all night and couldn't steal it.)

Good morning everyone!

I hope you've had a grrrrrreat week.

Mr Bumpy sneaked out before lock-up time last night, and spent the whole night out. Now he's passed out on the patio in a patch of sunlight.

I said maybe Rupert should do the cat-it-orial, but he said "while the cat's away the rats will play."

So I guess it's up to me to write the cat-it-orial. Which I suppose means it's a dog-it-orial.

So what's happened here.  It's been sooooo good this week.

Mum gave Bumpy and me canned food every day! Every day, for real. Mum's amazing. I love her so much.

My boy let me watch DVD movies with him and even called me a "silly old dog" and scratched my head.  He's the best boy in the world.  I love him so much.

My girl gave me a bath - I didn't like that so much - but then she wrapped me up in a comfy towel and cuddled me, and she got the tangles out of my hair, and that was great.  I love her so much.

I sat in the sun every day.  That was sooooooo exciting.

The postie came to visit lots of times, but I didn't catch his motor-bike. I'll get it one day!  Mum says I wouldn't know what to do with a motor-bike if I caught one. But I think it would be great to scoot around the neighbourhood with my ears and hair flying. That would be so great.

And Bumpy let me have my own bed! (It was last night when he stayed out all night.)  Bumpy is such a great cat!

Cherry rat tried to make a nest in my hair. She's such a good friend.

Well, I hope your week was as grrrrrreat as mine. If it wasn't, I hope you can get a nice pig's ear to chew on - a good pig's ear makes everything better (even the vet; even after he puts a cold thermometer you-know-where.)

Thank you for reading this.
It's been so good to spend some time with you.

Hugs and licks,

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