Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Apocalypse has begun! Zombies Overrun Brisbane

This photograph was taken in our backyard earlier today....

These used to be some of our favourite people - now they're mindless, brain-eating, 20-year-olds!

Harold Camping warned us about this, but did we listen? No. So the zombie apocalypse is now here - there's about 10 000 of these things in the city, and no-one was ready for it.

What are the police doing about it?

As this official Queensland Police Facebook Post warns - they're recommending we stay out of the way - and don't drive into the city while they're there. Police giving traffic warnings about where to avoid driving, and redirecting motorists to avoid the area.

Zombie walk – traffic advisory #bnetraffic

by Queensland Police Service on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 3:52pm
The 2011 Zombie Walk is currently underway in Brisbane.  With approximately 10,000 attendees involved traffic delays are being experienced.

The zombies are currently making their way out of King George Square and turning left onto Adelaide Street.  From there they will turn right into Edward Street, left into Queen Street, then onto Wickham Street and finish at Centenary Place Fortitude Valley.

Police recommend avoiding the area if possible, or delay your trip.  Police are performing traffic control along the route.
It's all too much. They were in OUR BACK YARD!!!!

I need a nap.
Maybe some cream.
Mr Bumpy,

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