Sunday, 9 October 2011

Monty Tries A Cat-it-orial

Montgomery Rat has his first try at the Cat-it-orial.

Well, Good morning everyone!

I don't know if you've heard, but Mr Bumpy's having a little holiday. The vet says he's not to have any stress for a little while.

Woof didn't want to do the cat-it-orial this week, because last time he tried, he ended up tied up in duct tape - it's a long story. Rupert said I could have a go if I wanted.

I'm the newest member of the Not To Be Taken Seriously team.  My name's Montgomery, but you can call me Monty if you like. I'm about two months old, so I'm the youngest as well. (I'm not the smallest. Fang budgie is much smaller than me. Fang got her name and Mum got a sore finger at the same time.)

My favourite things to do are running over other rats, eating apple cores and playing with the humans. I'm only just learning the computer. It takes all four paws.  Sometimes I mess it up and  have to make corrections. Rupert says that's fine, he says everybody takes time to learn things. Mum says just don't wee on the keyboard.

So, we've had a few good jokes come in through the email this week, and all the Rat Collective had a great time laughing at them.  We're handling things pretty well around here, even with Bumpy not being able to work.

Poor old Woof's looking a bit strange - he had an odd haircut as a result of being taped up. Cherry said that was a very bad thing Bumpy did to Woof. She says you have to respect a really old dog - and Woof's really really old. (He's 13! Really? Can you imagine it? Do you know anyone that old? He's more than twice as old as Bumpy.)  Everyone loves Woof, he's a funny old dog, with a bad leg and he falls asleep all the time, but we all know he loves us.

Anyway, apart from Woof being a bit worse for wear and Bumpy needing a long rest, all is well here.

We'd all love to hear from you. Please send us lots of jokes or funny emails, or stories about awesome animals you might know. If you have any tips about strange news or really funny websites, let us know about them too. Our email address is

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