Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mr Bumpy's On Sick Leave

Rupert Rat, Assistant Editor.
Good morning,

As you may be aware, Mr Bumpy's on extended sick leave. He's apparently sick of all of us. Which probably means he shouldn't have tried to eat us.

I'm told he'll be back this week, some time, so we're tidying up the office, cleaning out our cages (yes, we do work in cages), and trying to get everything up to date. It would be terrible if he had a breakdown as soon as he came back, wouldn't it?

(Contrary to what Mr Bumpy appears to think, the Rat Collective really don't have it in for him, we'd just like some safe and fair working conditions.)

Anyway, we need lots of jokes around the office, lots of happy, happy, happy words and thoughts to cheer up our slightly psychotic boss. Otherwise our tails could be bitten off (or worse, our heads!)

Mr Woof's recovered quite well from his trauma. His hair's still a bit patchy, but once he's lying in the sun he doesn't care. I'm told he used to like going for walks, and even getting into mischief, but that was a very long time ago. He's normally a very contented old fellow, and copes quite well with most of what Mr Bumpy dishes out.

So what did you think of young Monty last week?  I think he's got lots of potential. Very enthusiastic about his work too. He loves a good joke, and always ready to have a turn on the keyboard.  He wasn't confident about his computer skills at first, but he's getting better.  He seems to be getting on very well with the humans as well. Understanding humans is very important in the business of blogging. Yes, I think our young Monty is going to go far.

Well, it's morning tea time now, and there's a nice piece of apple core over there with my name on it (as long as Chester doesn't get to it first - he certainly has an appetite!) Have a great week out there in the big wide world. Enjoy reading our blog, and please write to us at

Yours faithfully,
Rupert Rat
Assistant Editor

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