Sunday, 13 November 2011


Mr Bumpy, far more relaxed.

Good morning out there in the bloggosphere,

Thank you to everyone who intended to send me get well cards and their best wishes, and of course all the wonderful presents you thought about giving me. I am feeling much better. The vet gave me this stuff called purrrrrrrrrzac, which really has helped.  He also gave me a CD to play which has lots of quiet music, and every now and then a soft voice saying, "It's OK, you don't have to be in charge of the world, you can just be a house cat." And he told Mum I needed massages twice a day. Mum asked if I needed a butler a chef and a personal nurse as well, but the vet said she didn't need to go that far.

Even the Rat Collective have been more co-operative employees. Cherry said she really appreciated her new phone.  I think getting that for her was a really good business decision - I hear her ringtone all day and all night. I must be getting hours more work out of her now that everyone can find her.

Woof's still a bit wary of me. When he sees me in the hallway, he won't walk past, just sits and cries until Mum comes along and carries him wherever he wants to go. I know he's getting on, but seriously, are we being a bit overdramatic? I didn't really do anything that bad to him did I? What's a bit of duct tape between friends? Well, maybe "friends" is a bit of a strong term here - what's a bit of duct tape between a bloggercat and his doggsbody? Surely duct tape features in every doggsbody's career at some time?

Anyway, must go, there's rats and budgies to intimidate - I mean motivate.

Until next time we meet in the bloggosphere,
I remain,
Yours faithfully
Mr Bumpy

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