Friday, 30 December 2011

Mr Bumpy's Wrap-Up of 2011

Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

The year's about to end, and I thought it would be a good time to wrap up the achievements of the NTBTS animals for the year.

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Best Bites of 2011 The award has to go to Cherry Rat. She's bitten everyone! She's even drawn blood, on Miss 20's friend. Honourable mentions must go to Montgomery Rat and Fang Budgie, who've also both given Mum a few good nips.

Best Emergency Visit to the Vet 2011. This one's all mine (well mine and a kookaburra's). I got into a little territorial dispute with a kookaburra. (No-one believes me that he started it.) Kooka had to be caught and taken to the vets straight away - my injury wasn't obvious until the next day, when it got infected. I had two days at the vets. The vet gave me a long lecture about picking fights with carrion eaters - their bites always get infected.

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Biggest Bruise of 2011. Storm Budgie wins this. Of course, it's relative, because there's not a lot of room on a budgie. She's got a bruise up the entire of one leg.  Mum saw her hanging upside down the other morning, and said that's odd, but since Storm wasn't making a noise or acting like she was in distress, Mum thought she was having fun.  An hour or so later Miss 20 came along and said, "Look at Storm, she's just hanging upside down!"  Then Mum took a closer look.  Storm had a wire out of a seed block stuck through her leg ring.   It took two humans a very careful effort to rescue her.  Then Storm sat with Miss 20 for an hour or so until she was ready to go back to the cage. After that, even though her leg was bruised all the way up, she just didn't let anything stop her.  She limps on the perch, and favours her leg a bit, but still uses it for climbing the walls of the cage, and hanging on to things. She's one tough little bird, and she's not letting the leg and claw get stiff, even though they are sore.

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Most Unpopular Animal of 2011. This goes to Mr Woof. He got fleas - so I got sprayed as well as him. I told Mum I didn't have fleas. I don't even talk to Mr Woof, but she wouldn't listen.  (Note: this is Mr Bumpy's opinion only. Everyone else loves Mr Woof - Rupert Rat, assistant editor,  and the Rat Collective.)

Best Attempt to Take Over the World of 2011. OK, so I didn't succeed - but there's always next year. And the world is only being run by humans at the moment, so of course it could be better done.

Best Boss of 2011. Well, of course, it has to be me, Mr Bumpy, Bloggercat. All of the animals at NTBTS are incredibly grateful that I allow them to work for me. (There's no point in arguing, he won't listen anyway - Cherry Rat, receptionist.)

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Best Human of 2011. This was a joke, of course. Humans are functional at most, but never especially good for anything. (How can you say that? Our humans are so good to us and take care of us, and keep us from getting lonely - Mr Woof, Doggsbody.)

Best Breakage of 2011. What can I say, there's been so many?  Of course, they're all mine! Well, if humans didn't want things broken, they wouldn't leave them on tables or shelves or in cupboards - all perfectly normal places for a cat to frequent.

Most Appearances in a Shirt Shop Design for 2011. Me again! I have three, and Montgomery has one. They're here on the page, in case you've forgotten how awesome a model I am.

So, that's my wrap-up of the year.....

I look forward to sharing 2012 with you.

Remember, keep sending me your jokes, strange email forwards, and awesome animal stories to .

Have a purrrrfect New Year.

Mr Bumpy,

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