Saturday, 18 February 2012

Awesome Ways to Annoy Your Dog

Mr Woof can be very entertaining,
in the right circumstances.
As most cats know, the most fun you can ever have with a dog is to annoy him. My life with Mr Woof has made me an expert at annoying dogs.  Here's some of my favourite tactics:

  1. Leap on him from a very high point - this works best if he is asleep at the time.
  2. Sleep stretched across the hallway so he can't get past and has to cry for a human to help him.
  3. Knock the water dish so it spills in his dry dog food. (You know how bad it is if your Friskies get wet, right? It's got to be the same for him.)
  4. The classic sneak attack. Leap out from around a corner and scratch his nose.
  5. Dive into the lap he's asking to get into. (Especially if he's too old to jump up and needs to ask.)
  6. Get to the treat ball before he does.
  7. Sleep in his bed.
  8. Take his favourite blankey.
  9. Leave one of his rawhide chews near something you've broken.
  10. Make such a fuss about how bad he smells, that the humans give him a bath. 

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