Friday, 24 February 2012

Humans and the Internet

Hello out there in the bloggosphere,

Those of you in other countries might not have heard about the major disaster that struck Australia yesterday.  Internet services failed throughout the whole country.

What was interesting from my perspective, as someone wanting to wrest power from the humans, was to observe just how humans managed to cope with such a crisis.

In the NTBTS household, Mum just turned off the computer and had a nap. (Sometimes I think she's part feline.)

Mum and Mr Woof. When the internet failed,
 they shut the computer down and went to sleep.

Miss 20 and Mr 17 said very many offensive words. The worst of these words appeared to be "Telstra". I don't know what that one means, but I understand it is reserved as the absolute worst of human swear words.

So that was the humans I actually saw.  I've heard that other humans were doing the following things to cope:
  • Watching their own cats.
  • Writing captions on their pets.
  • Phoning all their friends saying, "This is what I'm doing, do you like it?"
  • Photocopying magazine articles to share with strangers.
  • Putting messages of no more than 140 characters on post-it-notes around the neighbourhood.
  • Reading actual paper newspapers.
  • Listening to radio on actual radios. 
  • Missing all the appointments in their Google calendars.
  • Watching television shows as they went to air, instead of catch-ups on the tv station websites.
  • There was a rumour that a child actually used a paper encyclopaedia to research a school project - but that's highly unlikely.
What I've learned from this is that domination of the internet will help greatly with control over the human population.

This works very much in my favour - cats already dominate much of the internet. Great work, minions, we have come very far without the humans realising what we are doing.

Until next time we meet in the bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,

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