Thursday, 24 May 2012

Where Did My Sunshine Go?

Enjoying my patch of sunlight in happier days.

Sunshine in the courtyard makes me happy.
Sunshine on my fur can make me warm.
Sunshine on my coat just looks so lovely.
Sunshine almost always makes me purr.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

I'm afraid I have to report a terrible crime.  Someone has stolen my morning patch of sunshine.

This morning, I asked Mum to open the door to the courtyard so I could go out and enjoy my sunshine the way I always do.

Mum said, "Are you sure, Bumps? It's a bit cold out there."

Well, I insisted, I really did want to go out. It may be cold, but my patch of sunshine always warms me right up.

But something terrible had happened! My patch of sunlight was missing!

This morning, my patch of sunlight was missing!
I looked back at Mum, totally shocked!

"I did tell you," she said.

But where did my sunlight go?

Mr 18 said, "Your sunlight's gone away because it doesn't like you any more."

That can't be right. My patch of sunlight loves me!

Mum said: "It will be back in a few months. And don't beat Woof up, it's not his fault."

Well, if it's not Mr Woof's fault, whose is it I ask? Where has my sunlight gone? I can't believe it left me voluntarily, ipso facto, someone stole it!

Please keep an eye out for my patch of sunlight. It's very bright and very warm, and really nice to sit in.  If you see it, please email me.  I don't care where it is, or who has it, I'll come and get it. If you know who stole it, call Crimestoppers. Actually, this is a major offence that's happening now. If you know whose got my sunlight, just call the 000 emergency number.

As you might guess, I'm still in shock, at being the victim of such a horrendous crime. I need to go have a nap, if I can find somewhere warm.  (Maybe I'll take Mr Woof's bed. He's warming it up right now so all I have to do is chase him out of it.)

Until next time we meet in the bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
(very cold and distressed) Bloggercat.

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