Monday, 4 June 2012

Things Humans Hate

Mr Woof kept the humans awake most of last night.
Humans hate being kept awake.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

Last night, Mr Woof needed to go out to wee about six times between midnight and 3am.  Of course, he barked and woke all the humans up each time, before Mum took him out.

The humans were very grumpy this morning.

So I thought that those of you who are actually interested in keeping your humans happy (as you know I really don't care either way) might like to know what things humans really hate.

  1. Humans hate missing sleep of a night-time.  If you keep them awake like Mr Woof did, they don't like it.
  2. Humans hate it if you wee or poo on the carpet, especially if they find it by stepping in it.
  3. Humans hate it if you tear up their special pieces of paper - ones kept on desks, or in books usually count as special.
  4. Humans hate it if you knock things off the shelves and break them.
  5. Humans hate to share their food. They get very upset if you eat or drink out of their dishes.
  6. Humans hate falling over. They especially hate it if you walk between their feet and make them fall over while they are carrying things.  Humans are very clumsy with their long ungainly legs (and they only walk on two of them). They fall over easily.
  7. Humans hate when you leave your hunting trophies in their beds, wardrobes, slippers, etc.
  8. Humans hate being cold. They get upset if you pull all the covers off them on a cold night.
  9. Humans hate it when you hide their toys. The little jingly ones they carry when they open doors or go in the car, are especially important to them.  They won't accept one of your jingle balls as a substitute.
  10. Humans hate when you climb on their clothes, or hang on with your claws or teeth and dangle off their clothes. They especially hate it when it's their going special places clothes.
I hope those of you who like happy humans find this useful.  Those of you who like to annoy your humans might also find it useful.

Until next time we meet in the bloggosphere, 
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,


  1. Entirely true ! I suggest to ad : humans hate wet and dirty paws, especially when you come back of one hunt in the field by rainy weather.

  2. BOL I think I do about 6 of those things so far!
    P.S Mr Woof has a cute jumper. xx


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