Friday, 15 June 2012

Where Would I Go?

I could handle a fancy restaurant, couldn't I?
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

Mum, Mr Woof and I were having our late morning nap on Mum's bed. (It was actually lunch-time, we're a bit behind schedule today.) Miss 20 came in and said: "I didn't know you three were home."

After she left, Mum looked at Mr Woof and me and said: "Where do you suppose she thought we'd all gone? There's a pub around the corner, but you boys couldn't get in. You've got collars, but no shoes."

Well, really, that sounds to me like the dress code's overly strict there.

So I started to wonder about the places humans go that I'd like to try:

Stowing away in Miss 20's uni bag.

  • Mr 18 goes to TAFE. He takes his computer. I like sitting on his lap and helping him with the computer, so maybe I'd like TAFE.
  • Miss 20 goes to uni.  I tried to get into her uni bag once to see what happens there, but she found out and so the cat was out of the bag.
  • Mum once brought some fish and chips home from a place called the fish and chip shop.  I don't like chips, but somehow I think I'd love to go to the fish and chip shop.
  • There's also a place called the supermarket. That's where Friskies, stinky fish, and cream live before they come to our house.  I'd love to go see them in the wild and maybe even catch my own.
  • Mum goes to a lot of meetings.  I don't quite know what happens there, but anything with "meat" in the name has to be good, right?
I think most of the places the humans go sound really interesting. 

There's really only one place I don't want to go.  I'm sure all my Minions know what that evil, terrible, place is: the v-e-t!  Actually our vets are very nice.  I've even climbed over one of them and given him a really good smooch. The problem is that the first thing they do when I get there is pull up my tail and stick a very cold thermometer you-know-where.  I think they should warm it up first, but Mum says that would defeat the purpose - whatever that means.
The other terrible thing the v-e-t does is stick a long, sharp, metal thing called a needle in me.  A needle always hurts.  Mum says it's so I won't get really sick and hurt a lot more. I'm not sure about that. I might or might not get sick and hurt if I don't have the needle. I will hurt if I do have the needle. Mum says I should just get over it, everyone else has needles too. (But I've never seen her get needles, she just comes back from her blood tests with tape on her arm and says that's where she got her needle. How do I know if she's telling the truth?  That's another place to add to my list.  I'd like to go to the blood test place and watch to see if Mum really does get needles.)

So there we are. That's lots of exciting places I'd like to go, and one I'd like to avoid.  All this thinking about going places has got me really tired.  I'm going back to Mum's bed for a nap. (I think Mum and Mr Woof are already there.)

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,


  1. Hi Mr Bumpy! I wish I could go to Mum's work. That's where she goes everyday during the week without me. Apparently I'm not allowed. So she says anyway.

    1. Wow Gemma, I thought you went everywhere. You've been on a train and to a hardware store and everything. I don't know about this work business. Humans seem to spend a lot of time there. I wonder what they do.


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