Sunday, 8 July 2012

Life and Death in Budgie Towers

Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,
Storm (grey, front), Fang (yellow),  Sapphire (dark blue)
Cloud (blue and yellow, hiding behind Sapphire)
This post is not such a happy one.  In fact, the humans all had leaky eyes for a day or two.

There's one budgie missing from this photo. It was Moult.  Moult was a green budgie, who was about 10 years old - which is very old for a budgerigar.

I'm told he got his name because Miss 20 (who was 10 then), picked him up and said: "What are we going to name this one?" And he was so nervous that some of his feathers fell out. He got named Moult because of losing feathers when he was nervous.

Moult was a good bird - he outlived the birds who were bought at the same time as him. And he survived my initial introduction to the household.  

You might not realise this, but there was a time, when I didn't fully understand the "no eating anyone who lives in a cage" rule.  I used to climb on the budgie cage, and even knocked it over. That's when Mum bought Budgie Towers - an indoor aviary so big and strong that not even I can knock it over.

About a week ago, Mum found Moult at the bottom of the cage, stiff. Everyone was sad, and as I said, the humans had leaky eyes.

Now, let me introduce me to the other birds, while we're here.

Fang got her name because when Mum was taking her out of the box from the pet shop to put her in Budgie Towers, she had a taste of Mum's finger.  Fang has such a strong beak, Mum had a bruise on her finger for days!

Sapphire got his name because he's deep blue, fairly obvious, really. When Sapphire first moved in, he didn't know how to fly. He'd hop off the perch, go thunk on the floor, and then climb up the walls of Budgie Towers to get back to the perch. Eventually, Moult took him aside and taught him how to fly.

Storm is grey with white patches, like a cloudy, stormy sky.

And Cloud has blue and yellow patches - kind of like a sunset sky - or so Miss 20 said when she named her.  Cloud was best friends with Moult. They used to hang out together. Cloud's been very sad since Moult died. She's not taking very good care of herself - not grooming at all. She looks really bad. The humans are worrying, but they're hoping she will feel better soon.

So that's the story of life in Budgie Towers.  I have a colony of birds, which ought to be food, living right in my house, and I have to treat them as family!

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

UPDATE (9/7/12):
Cloud died overnight. Humans had very leaky eyes again.


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    1. I don't know, Nerissa. They were more fun before I learned I wasn't allowed to eat them, when I could knock over the old cage. Half the time I ignore them now. And when I do remember they're there and do something like pulling out a tail feather that might have been poking through the bars, the humans all get mad at me! (I can't imagine what's wrong with them.)


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