Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Elephant Again

Remember our caption contest? The one that nobody entered? It was for a shirt shop voucher for last Christmas.

After all this time, someone has attempted to give captions for the little elephant face-planting in the surf.

From Brendan J. we have the following suggestions:

  • Long distance trunk call?
  • Trying to hear better sound waves.
  • Only time and tide will tell.
Since we've finally got an entry - let's try this again.  You have until Tuesday 31st July (Australian time) to comment on this post - give us your best caption for the elephant.  If there's no other entries, the prize will go to Brendan J.


  1. I'll have a go! :)

    "Where did my swimming trunks go?"

    1. Love that one Gemma. It's definitely in with a chance!


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