Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Municipal Cat

Stubbs the Cat, Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.
Picture from his Facebook page.
Meet Stubbs the Cat, Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.

That's pretty much all to say about him, really. He's been Mayor for 15 years.  It's a ceremonial role, which doesn't require a lot of work, which is good, because he apparently doesn't do a lot.

He was adopted as a kitten by the manager of Nagley's General Store, so that's his base of operations - but also visits the other businesses in the area, sharing his Mayoral dignity and cat hair around the town.

He's a very dignified Mayor, who drinks his water from a wine glass with catnip floating in it, attracts tourists to the town, and requires belly-rubs from his constituents.

Photo taken from Time News
Photo credited to Nagley's General Store.

How a cat got to be Mayor must be an interesting story - but doesn't seem to be recorded anywhere.

There's the legend - that he was a write-in candidate in an election where no-one liked the human candidates. That is only legend, because there never was an election, it's an unincorporated area and doesn't have Mayoral elections.


Facebook: Stubbs Mayor Cat

Time News: Cat Marks 15 Years as Mayor of Alaskan Town

Wikipaedia: Talkeetna Alaska,_Alaska#Government

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