Sunday, 2 September 2012

Farewell Cherry Rat

Cherry Rat

It's always a sad day when one of our number falls during the struggle against oppression (aka Mr Bumpy).

Last night, Miss Cherry Rat passed away.

Readers of this blog might remember Cherry as the receptionist who had some problems learning how to use her new phone, or as the recipient of last year's best bite award.

Cherry did eventually learn how to use that phone, and we boys in the next cage were kept awake by her ringtones going all night for many, many nights.  And she was indeed a celebrated biter, even more than Fang the Budgie, because Cherry drew blood on a number of occasions.

Cherry was a fitness fanatic.  She spent hours of running each day on her wheel. (We boys of the Rat Collective have a wheel in our cage, too. We pulled it off the wall and use it as a bed. We use pretty much everything as a bed.) She preferred to eat vegetables and fruit to bread, pasta or weetbix. Because of this, she was a very slim, fit, rat.

The Rat Collective will long miss our fallen comrade.

Rupert Rat
Rat Collective Organiser

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