Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Beating Bumpy

"Bumpy won't get me if I'm on a human" - Rupert Rat

You may have heard that Mr Bumpy's been in trouble again for eating someone he shouldn't

No-one is safe with that monster on the loose. When I'm out of the cage, I always stay with the humans, so that he will leave me alone.  Oh, he gives me that look that says: "I'd love to have you for dinner", but he can't do anything about it.

The humans are getting tough with him lately.  They decided to stop just leaving the courtyard door open for him. He's allowed out, but he has to ask nicely. Then he has to ask to come back inside.  It's just about killing him!  

And he knows if he kills anyone he will be grounded again like he was the day before yesterday. Even Mr 18's got tough with him about that, and Mr 18 will usually do anything Bumps asks.

All in all, I think things are getting better around here for everyone smaller than Mr Bumpy.  The Rat Collective's been working for this for a very long time. It's so good the humans are on side.

See you,
Rupert Rat,
Rat Collective Organiser.

Rupert sings:
Oh you don't eat me cause I'm on a human,
you don't eat me cause I'm on a human,
you don't eat me cause I'm on a human.
You can't even try.
You can't even try.

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