Saturday, 10 November 2012


"We're paid peanuts, if we're lucky."
- Rupert Rat, organiser, the Rat Collective

By now, you've probably heard the rumour that Mr Bumpy is planning to run for Federal Parliament.  Not only that, but he hopes to be Prime Minister, which means he's forming his own political party.

So, if you were thinking of voting for our Mr B, or even joining his party, I need to tell you exactly what he is like.

You see from this picture, I'm in a cage.  It's not just me, it's the whole Rat Collective, and all of the residents of Budgie Towers.  Everyone smaller than Mr Bumpy is in a cage. Do you know why? Because there's a risk Mr Bumpy will forget that we're not food.

Mr Woof isn't in a cage, and he gets sneak attacks from Mr Bumpy all the time. Someone as small as me wouldn't survive a sneak attack.

So our working conditions here at are terrible. Oh, and the Rat Collective are paid peanuts (if we're lucky - if we're unlucky it's vegetables, but that's another story.)

Can you imagine what Australia would be like if Mr Bumpy ran the whole country, not just this one house?

Do you want these living conditions?

Mr Abbott may be complaining about the carbon tax and boats all the time, but there's a much bigger issue looming on the political horizon.

If you value your freedom (as in that you don't live in a cage), do not join Mr Bumpy's party, and do not vote for him.

Rupert Rat
The Rat Collective.

The Rat Collective sings:
You don't eat me I'm part of the union.
You don't eat me I'm part of the union.
You don't eat me I'm part of the union.
'til the day I die. 'til the day I die.


  1. Am hoping you have The Rat Collective under your paw Mr Bumpy ... don't want them as our opposition


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