Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Two Mornings in One Day

Hello Everyone,
"It was all too much. I needed a nap to recover" -
Mr Woof
I've had a really ruff day here today. Would you believe I had an extra morning today?

It happened like this.  I woke Mum at about 5.30, because, well, I really, really needed to go outside. (Last time I did the cat-it-orial, Mum said it was bad manners to talk about my wees, so I can't tell you why I needed to go outside.) I really desperately needed to go, so Mum took me out. 

When we came back in, she said we may as well start the day, so she turned on the radio and made her coffee.

The radio was talking about something called an "eclipse".  It was very excited about it. Mum said, don't worry, it wasn't happening here, we'd only get 80 per cent, whatever that means.

If Mum tells me not to worry about something, I usually don't worry. Mum knows stuff, and if she's here, I'm safe. If I'm not safe, I can cry and she'll pick me up and then I'm really safe.

Well, it was a nice, bright clear morning. But then it started to get a bit darker. I thought it must be afternoon already. I was a bit worried, because I'd only been out once.  I told Mum I needed to go out again.  She said "Already? Oh, I suppose it's been an hour."  And we went out.

Then we went inside, and looking, out it seemed to be even darker.  What if it was almost bed time?  I would need to go out again, just in case. (It gets hard to hold on all night sometimes.)  I told Mum, I really, really needed to go out.

Mum sighed and took me out again.  It was dark like a really, really cloudy day, or just before night time, but it wasn't cloudy.  So it had to be nearly night time. I don't know why the day had gone so fast, but it did. It went really, really, fast. 

I wanted to stay out as long as possible, because it was my last out time before bedtime.  Mum said "come in", but I know when it's getting dark and I go in, I'm in for a long, long time. So I wouldn't go in.

But then something really strange happened.  It stopped getting darker.  I mean there was a late afternoon, but no night.  Instead it started getting lighter again.  And the next thing I knew it was another morning. Two mornings, without a night in between! Have you ever seen anything like it? 

Someone played a trick on me.  (I think it was Bumpy. It's the kind of mean thing he would do.)  

It was all too much.  I had to go and and have a long nap.  I'd tried so hard to fit all of the day's out time in before night, but the night didn't happen. 

So that was my strange, ruff day.  I hope no-one's been playing mean tricks like that on you.

Licks and tail wags
Mr Woof,


  1. Poor Woof ! What a scary day for an old doggie like you !

  2. Woof do you mean I missed going on patrols during the dark period?


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