Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Jasper the Wonder Dog

Jasper before treatment  ABC.
Meet Jasper the Wonder Dog...

What's so wonderful about him?  Because of him, lots of humans who have damaged spinal cords might walk again.

He's doing that, because - he's been able to walk again, after cells out of his nose were injected into his spine.

He was one of a number of dogs with spinal cord injuries who the procedure was tested on, and although it didn't work for everyone, it did work for him.
Jasper after treatment.  ABC

While all the animals here at Mr Bumpy Cat think that Jasper's most happy about being able to walk without his "wheelchair", scientists are most excited that they might be able to use what he's helped the to find out in treating humans as well as dogs.

(Mr Bumpy couldn't use his back legs for a while after a paralysis tick bite - he says back legs are very, very, important.)

We heard about Jasper on the ABC's AM program today.

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