Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Macavity Catches The Bus

Macavity catches the bus.
The Mr Bumpy Cat Dot Com animals often hear our humans complain about public transport. It's too expensive. It doesn't run at convenient times.

Well, that's Brisbane.  Over in Britain, the public transport's so easy and affordable even the cats use it.

This awesome British cat, nicknamed Macavity, regularly catches the bus, always to and from the same stops.

Different bus drivers on the same route have encountered him.  He seems a seasoned traveller who knows exactly what he's doing.  He always gets on near some houses, and gets off at the next stop near a fish and chip shop.

I wonder if I could catch a bus to the fish and chip shop? Would I have to get a go-card? - Mr Bumpy

The Mr Bumpy Cat Dot Com animals all think Macavity is an awesome animal, and are very impressed that he can clearly do so well without human interference.

Source: Mail Online

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