Monday, 3 December 2012

Being A Hot Dog Is Not Cool

"In the heatwave ... find somewhere cool. Sit. Stay."
- Mr Woof, Doggsbody.
Hello Everyone,

Mum says to tell you the Rat Collective is very happy at their new home. The rats have a their cage in the area under an old Queenslander, where there's good protection from storms and things, but lots of airflow, and always shaded. So they're all very ready for the heatwave.

Oh, did I tell you Queensland's having a heatwave.  It's been really hot the last few days and going to be incredibly tomorrow and the next few days.

So now it's a good time to remind you that animals need extra care in really hot weather.

Believe me, a hot dog might sound like something you'd like, but you don't want to be one.

Mum does what she can to keep our house cool, and makes sure we animals all have lots of fresh water. We also get ice cubes to play with on really hot days. She also sprays the budgies with a water sprayer.  (It's the same one I get sprayed with for being a bad dog - but she sets it to a mist instead of the stream of water - and the budgies like it and fluff up their feathers and get as close to the spray bottle as they can.) When it gets so hot Mum leaves and goes somewhere with air conditioning, she leaves fans on for us. (She says she'd take her old dog if libraries and shopping centres let people take dogs with them.)

So that's my home.

But do you know some people still take their dogs out and leave them locked in cars, even on really hot days?

Every year the RSPCA warns people about this, but it still happens.

So I want to remind people: dogs die in hot cars. If you love your dog, don't make him a hot dog. In fact, don't make your cat a hot cat, or your bird a hot bird, or your rat a hot rat.....

So that's what I had to say.

My best advice for the heatwave: find somewhere cool. Sit. Stay.  And drink lots of water.

Licks and tail wags,
Mr Woof,

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  1. Thank you Mr Woof ... you are a puppy I most certainly admire for being so outspoken


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