Sunday, 2 December 2012

Good-bye From The Rat Collective

"It's too hot for rats here." - Rupert Rat,
Rat Collective Organiser.

It is with mixed feelings that I advise you that the rat collective is leaving Mr Bumpy Cat Dot Com.

Miss 21 is moving to a home of her own - that's what humans apparently do. They grow up and move to homes of their own.

The rat collective are going with her - because we would not want her to be lonely, and because she says her new house is much cooler than this one.  It's far too hot for rats here, although having ice cubes to play with does help.

We are not going to miss Mr Bumpy's attempts to eat our tails if they hang out of the cage.  We are going to miss the humans who are staying behind, and our good friend Mr Woof.  We're also going to miss the budgies who live in the cage next door to ours.

And of course, we'll miss all the friends we've made through this blog. Take care of Mr Woof for us, and please don't let Mr Bumpy become Prime Minister, or take over the world or any of that stuff, because then everyone's tails would be in danger.

Good-bye comrades, friends,
Rupert Rat, Chester Rat and Montgomery Rat,
The Rat Collective.

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  1. Dear Mr Bumpy we will miss the Rat Collective but good to know they will be keeping Miss 21 company and be in a cool house xxx's with love


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