Friday, 28 December 2012

The Rats Collective Returns (Temporarily)

We're back. We came back Christmas Day, and we're staying for a week, while Miss 21 house-sits.

So, I'm sure you're dying to hear about Christmas in the Mr Bumpy Cat Dot Com household.

Everyone got treats, of course.

Treat! - Fang Budgie.

Yes, Fang, treats. The Budgies got a big seed block, Mr Bumpy got little pellet things that smell like fish, Mr Woof got beef jerky that he gobbled down in no time.  We rats had a custard tart with us when we arrived, but we also got apricots, Christmas cake, and a peach.  Christmas food is great.

Of course the best thing was we got to hang out with our friends again. It was so good to see Mr Woof again, although the old fellow was a bit over-excited.

He almost bit Monty's nose. Monty had stuck his nose out of the cage to talk to him, and Mr Woof was jumping up barking, Monty's nose and Mr Woof's bouncing teeth had a close encounter.  That's when the humans decided that we should be just a bit out of Mr Woof's reach until he calmed down.

Mr Bumpy was reminded again that we live in a cage, so we're not food. He gave me that look that reminded me that when I'm not in the cage I want to be very close to a human.

Although, there's right and wrong times to be on a human, so I found out. After the humans had lunch, I was having a great time scrambling along Mum's friend's arm, and trying to get to the table that Mum was clearing.  Her friend kept pulling me back whenever I got close to the table.  But there was still lots of exciting food there, so I kept trying to get to it.

Eventually, I decided to try another approach.  I picked my moment carefully.  Just as Mum was bent over the table picking something up, I leapt on to her back. I'd planned to run down her arm to the food. But Mum was so surprised she jumped, and knocked over the cream she'd been about to pick up.

Miss 21 retrieved me and put me back in the cage, as humans dived all over the place with paper towels, mopping up cream from the table, chairs, and the floor.

So I missed my chance to grab the great things on the table.  But after that we got Christmas cake, so it was OK.  And in the cage, there's lots of Christmas paper for us to play in.

Christmas was great.  And it's good to be back for a visit. All we need to make it perfect now is for Bumpy to leave his tail within reach of our cage.   Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Stay strong Comrades, and don't let Bumpy take over the world.
Rupert Rat
Rat Collective Organiser.

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  1. Oh Dog! I hope you get that moment of tail-grabbing on video!


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