Monday, 21 January 2013

See you in February

It's my last week leading up to moving house.  So, I won't be online for a couple of weeks.  I move on 28th  January, and have cleaning etc to do at the house I'm moving from.  I will be back early in February.

The budgies, moved to the small cage for the move, and to allow Budgie Towers to be scrubbed out.
They are not happy with the confined living space.

Mr Bumpy cools his tail in front of the air conditioner after a busy day of packing and organising.
Mr Woof's exhausted.

Friday, 18 January 2013

She's a Gem

Stylish as always, Miss Gemma
with her Chewnell handbag.
Hello Everyone,

I've just had the best awesome animals interview ever.  I got to interview the most glamorous dog on the internet, Australian bloggerdog Gemma, from Gemma's Little Gems. She's not only a cutie, but she's also very charming and creative.  I hope you enjoy this interview with the lovely Miss Gemma.

Licks and tail wags,
Mr Woof,

MR WOOF: Today I'm interviewing my favourite bloggerdog, the beautiful Miss Gemma, from Gemma's Little Gems. Welcome to Miss Gemma.

GEMMA: Thanks Mr. Woof. Shouldn't it be *giggle*

MR WOOF: My life wouldn't be worth living if it was. You live such an adventurous life.  I've seen posts about you going to the hardware shop and on the train.  What's your favourite adventure?

GEMMA: I like going to the post office to pick up parcels with Mum. The parcels are usually for me! I also enjoy going to the doggy cafe for a pupacino.

MR WOOF: Being such a delicate little girl, are you ever afraid of anything in the big wide world?

GEMMA: Well....I'm not scared of much but I don't really like loud noises. Especially the loud sucky machine Mum drags around the house sometimes.

MR WOOF: I think everyone's afraid of those. Personally, I'm often afraid, but I live with Mr Bumpy.  Ahem, which brings me to my next question.  The internet is very feline-centric. We've all heard that the internet is a series of tubes filled with cats. Have you found it hard to be a dog in a cat's world?

GEMMA: Where do you live again? I don't live in a cat's world? *confused face*

MR WOOF: I live with Bumps. It's a cat's world. You have a real sense of style, and pink is definitely your colour.  Oh, that wasn't a question was it? Oh dear.  I'm sorry. (I'm kind of a fan, you see.) Do you ever give out pawtographs?

GEMMA: *giggle* Depends on who's asking. *blushing* Thanks. I do love fashion!

MR WOOF: Like me, you're an Aussie dog. What part of Australia do you come from?

GEMMA: I live in Sydney. Home of the mighty Sydney Swans!

MR WOOF: And the most important question for any dog: which are your favourite scratchies, ears or tummy?

GEMMA: Oh most definitely scratchies on the tummy while lying on my back. Mmmmm....

MR WOOF: Mine too! And finally, what places can you be found on the internet?

GEMMA: My twitter is @Gemmathepuppy, my blog is and my store is

MR WOOF:  Thank you so much for giving the time for this interview, Miss Gemma. (Um, is it OK to give you a little lick before we go?)

GEMMA: Errr... ok....please don't mess the fur though. Thank you so much for interviewing me. It's been fun.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hard Working Cat

"I've got this box packed." - Mr Bumpy.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

I have been working very hard these past couple of weeks.

As I've mentioned a few times, we're moving house.  That means lots of work.  There's lots of packing and sorting things.

Of course, I've had to supervise that.  I've been close by for the whole process, making sure everything is going smoothly.  The humans know that whatever job they have to do, I'll be right there under their feet, helping them.

The humans have thrown a lot of things out and given a lot of things away as well.  They also sold lots of things at the garage sale. I haven't always approved of that.  After all, these are things in my house, which makes them my things. There's a limit to how many of my things you can get rid of without us having a problem.

"Please don't give away my cabinet." - Mr Bumpy.
I was a bit disappointed that the cat box has reappeared.  It was borrowed a while ago and I was hoping it would never come back.  But Miss 21 brought it back to us last night.  I told Mum I didn't approve of having the cat box back, but she just ignored me, as usual.  Humans can be so ignorant sometimes.

It's just over a week until we move, and there's more boxes to pack, and I still have to make sure Mum packs my bowls and jingle balls.

It's hard work.

I'm so overwhelmed by all this stress, I think I'll go have a nap.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing award.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

Apparently, I'm the next big thing. At least Jessie from Jessie and Jane thinks so. JJ's given me The Next Big Thing Award.

In accepting this award, I need to introduce to you the awesome blogger who gave it to me, and then to give it to five other bloggers.

So without ado, meet Jessie the cat.

She's @JessieJaney on Twitter, and has the blog Jessie and Jane.

She's the cat who encourages all of the Australian and New Zealand animals on Twitter to stick together - her human keeps a spreadsheet of all our contacts, and you can find that linked from her blog.

Thank you JJ, purrs and nosetaps for passing this great honour on to me.

Now to name five more recipients, and have a world tour of bloggercats and their blogs:

  1. Let's go to Switzerland and meet my fine feline friend Loupi at Swiss Cat's Ideas. (If you don't read French, you need to hit the "translate" button.)  
  2. There's Canadian Cat Nerissa at Nerissa's Life. Nerissa posts about life in a household with lots of other cats, and how terrible it is to be a boy cat with such a girly name. (And he really loves bling - any awards you have spare, he just loves to get them
  3. If a blog by one cat is good, a blog by three cats is incredibly good.  Meet Dugal McGonegall and Wicket, Three Aussie Cats.
  4. He's furry, feline and fabulous, he's Cat Food Breath. CFB was a leader in the Occupy movement, as he Occupied The Couch. (I think he's in the USA, but I'm not sure.)
  5. Since we're all over the world anyway, let's go to Finnland and meet Viiru of Viiru The Cat. (You might need the translate button.)  Viiru is the awesome animal who did the instructional video for cats on how to use the toilet.
Viiru's instructional video for cats who 
want to know how to use the toilet.

(If you want to find more awesome animal blogs, check out the list of blogs JJ gave the award to - I've got some special favourites there as well.)

Well, I hope you enjoy visiting all these amazing bloggercats.
Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

Monday, 7 January 2013

After The Garage Sale

Mr Woof was one tired old dog!
Hello Out There in the Bloggosphere,

We had a garage sale here the other day, getting ready for our big move.

When I realised that there were lots of people, and dogs, visiting, I wisely decided to have a long morning nap on Mum's bed.

Mr Woof decided to be sociable.  He greeted all the humans and dogs who visited.  He even met the humans and dog who live upstairs from the home we're going to.  He and the other dog had a bit of a territorial competition, weeing everywhere to try to out-do each other's scent marking.

Anyway, Mr Woof tells me he heard something about our new home. He won't tell me what it is, but says it's a surprise just for me.  I hope it's something really good.

At the end of the day, I was bright and full of energy, and Mr Woof collapsed and did his impersonation of a hairy rug.

We still have lots of stuff to get rid of - more humans will probably come into our territory, which is quite disturbing, and I shall probably require a very long nap to deal with it.

We did meet a new human yesterday, who Mr Woof and I both liked.  She was the mum of my friend @clinglycat from Twitter.  She brought cat treats and dog treats, and packing boxes and people treats, but the most important thing was cat treats. (The people treats included some of Miss 21's absolute favourites,  so she got those, which made her very happy.) The were fish flavoured purrrrr.  How did she know I love fish?

She wanted to know how I got my name.  Miss 21 named me after a character from a tv show she and Mr 18 loved when they were little.  Mr Bumpy was a snot monster who lived under the bed and ate socks. Mum says it's a very good name for me, because whenever there's a bump in the night in our house - it's me.

After this cat-it-orial, I'll give you a couple of episodes of "Bump in the Night", so you can see the original Mr Bumpy.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain.
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

PS  Mum says anyone in Brisbane who would like bookshelves, a dressing table, desk or small china cabinet for free please email.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mr Woof Interviews Mr Bumpy

Mr Bumpy and Mr Woof asleep on Mum's bed.
Mum's bed is neutral territory - Mr Bumpy.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

Mr Woof's been wanting to do another awesome animal interview, and I've decided to let him interview the most awesome animal I know - ME!  After all, if I'm going to become Prime Minispurr, I need to be used to having journalists interview me.

Mr Woof agreed to do the interview, as long as we did it on Mum's bed. That runs the risk that we'll both fall asleep and have long naps instead of an interview, but he wants to do it there because it's neutral territory.  Mum is like the United Nations - she strictly enforces her non-aggression policy when we're on her bed. I can't attack him if I don't like his questions.

So, here is our interview. I hope you find it informative and will consider voting for me at the next election.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

Mr Woof's Interview With Mr Bumpy

MR WOOF: Mr Bumpy, do you think Australia is ready for a feline Prime Minister? Will people accept you?

MR BUMPY:  Not that long ago, we had only ever had men as Prime Minispurrs.  Then Ms Gillard took over and showed that women could do the job just as well.  Once I take over, I wills how that cats can do the job just as well as humans, better, in fact.

MR WOOF: What do you think makes you qualified to be Prime Minister.

MR BUMPY: I'd look really good on a magazine cover. And I know how to make humans do what I want, most of the time.

MR WOOF: So tell me about your platform.

MR BUMPY: That's a strange question!  Well, it's made of wood, and covered with a furry fabric, and it sits on top of a scratching post that's got ropey stuff around it.  It lifts me up to just the right level for humans to stroke me as they walk past and...

MR WOOF: Not that platform, Bumps! Tell me about your political platform.  What policies are you standing for Government on?

MR BUMPY: I've got lots of awesome policies.  Friskies, stinky fish and cream will be free. Humans will do as they're told. Cats will not have to come in at lock-up time and silly rules like "no corpses in the house" will be illegal.

MR WOOF: And how are you going to fund your policies?

MR BUMPY: Oh, yes, they will be lots of fun.  At least for cats.

MR WOOF: How are you going to pay for the Friskies, fish and cream?

MR BUMPY: I'm not paying for it. It's free.  You really need to listen more carefully.

MR WOOF: I know you said they're free.  But they cost money to get them.  Where is that coming from?

MR BUMPY: Do they?

MR WOOF: Yes, Mum pays for them.

MR BUMPY: Well, I guess she can keep paying for them.  Although maybe she can't pay for them for all the cats - the other humans will have to help her.

MR WOOF: So your fiscal plan is for humans to pay for stinky fish, Friskies and cream for cats?

MR BUMPY: Yes, that's it. Exactly.

MR WOOF: How is that any different from how things are now?

MR BUMPY: It would actually be government policy.  If you check the policy documents of the current government, you'll find Ms Gillard does not have a stinky fish policy at all. In fact, I don't believe she's ever mentioned stinky fish anywhere.

MR WOOF: So I suppose, it's different from the Opposition's policy for the same reason?

MR BUMPY: Yes, Mr Abbot doesn't even realise that stinky fish is an issue. Things improved when he changed his public budgie smuggler policy, but he's still a long way from understanding what's really important.

MR WOOF: I think all of Australia would agree with you that the change from budgie smuggler policy was a big improvement. But I don't know that makes you a viable alternative Prime Minister.  Do you have a party?

MR BUMPY: Do you think people will vote for me if I have a party?  How much Friskies would we need for a really big party?

MR WOOF: A political party, Bumps.

MR BUMPY: Oh, well, I do have a number of minions working with me on the project.  So we could have the Australian Feline Pawty up and running soon.

MR WOOF: And one last question... We're moving house.  Will that affect your political career in any way?

MR BUMPY: Mr 18 tells me the new flat has it's very own cat door.  I'll have more freedom to get things done.

MR WOOF: Well, that's all really, ah, interesting, Mr Bumpy.  I'm sure everyone will be interested to see where your campaign goes from here. ...... (And how you react to discovering cat doors can be locked at lock-up time.)