Monday, 7 January 2013

After The Garage Sale

Mr Woof was one tired old dog!
Hello Out There in the Bloggosphere,

We had a garage sale here the other day, getting ready for our big move.

When I realised that there were lots of people, and dogs, visiting, I wisely decided to have a long morning nap on Mum's bed.

Mr Woof decided to be sociable.  He greeted all the humans and dogs who visited.  He even met the humans and dog who live upstairs from the home we're going to.  He and the other dog had a bit of a territorial competition, weeing everywhere to try to out-do each other's scent marking.

Anyway, Mr Woof tells me he heard something about our new home. He won't tell me what it is, but says it's a surprise just for me.  I hope it's something really good.

At the end of the day, I was bright and full of energy, and Mr Woof collapsed and did his impersonation of a hairy rug.

We still have lots of stuff to get rid of - more humans will probably come into our territory, which is quite disturbing, and I shall probably require a very long nap to deal with it.

We did meet a new human yesterday, who Mr Woof and I both liked.  She was the mum of my friend @clinglycat from Twitter.  She brought cat treats and dog treats, and packing boxes and people treats, but the most important thing was cat treats. (The people treats included some of Miss 21's absolute favourites,  so she got those, which made her very happy.) The were fish flavoured purrrrr.  How did she know I love fish?

She wanted to know how I got my name.  Miss 21 named me after a character from a tv show she and Mr 18 loved when they were little.  Mr Bumpy was a snot monster who lived under the bed and ate socks. Mum says it's a very good name for me, because whenever there's a bump in the night in our house - it's me.

After this cat-it-orial, I'll give you a couple of episodes of "Bump in the Night", so you can see the original Mr Bumpy.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain.
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

PS  Mum says anyone in Brisbane who would like bookshelves, a dressing table, desk or small china cabinet for free please email.


  1. Fish treats, yum ! You will have a lot of work to erase traces of the dog's territorial competition... Loupi on Mum's account

  2. Dearest Mr Bumpy you were so brave just to occupy the bed. I would have been high on roof as invading hoards of human and animal would terrify me. So glad you got to meet the human side of @clingycat, such a loving, generous lady. Good luck with the ongoing move preparations xxx's with Love Jessie


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