Friday, 18 January 2013

She's a Gem

Stylish as always, Miss Gemma
with her Chewnell handbag.
Hello Everyone,

I've just had the best awesome animals interview ever.  I got to interview the most glamorous dog on the internet, Australian bloggerdog Gemma, from Gemma's Little Gems. She's not only a cutie, but she's also very charming and creative.  I hope you enjoy this interview with the lovely Miss Gemma.

Licks and tail wags,
Mr Woof,

MR WOOF: Today I'm interviewing my favourite bloggerdog, the beautiful Miss Gemma, from Gemma's Little Gems. Welcome to Miss Gemma.

GEMMA: Thanks Mr. Woof. Shouldn't it be *giggle*

MR WOOF: My life wouldn't be worth living if it was. You live such an adventurous life.  I've seen posts about you going to the hardware shop and on the train.  What's your favourite adventure?

GEMMA: I like going to the post office to pick up parcels with Mum. The parcels are usually for me! I also enjoy going to the doggy cafe for a pupacino.

MR WOOF: Being such a delicate little girl, are you ever afraid of anything in the big wide world?

GEMMA: Well....I'm not scared of much but I don't really like loud noises. Especially the loud sucky machine Mum drags around the house sometimes.

MR WOOF: I think everyone's afraid of those. Personally, I'm often afraid, but I live with Mr Bumpy.  Ahem, which brings me to my next question.  The internet is very feline-centric. We've all heard that the internet is a series of tubes filled with cats. Have you found it hard to be a dog in a cat's world?

GEMMA: Where do you live again? I don't live in a cat's world? *confused face*

MR WOOF: I live with Bumps. It's a cat's world. You have a real sense of style, and pink is definitely your colour.  Oh, that wasn't a question was it? Oh dear.  I'm sorry. (I'm kind of a fan, you see.) Do you ever give out pawtographs?

GEMMA: *giggle* Depends on who's asking. *blushing* Thanks. I do love fashion!

MR WOOF: Like me, you're an Aussie dog. What part of Australia do you come from?

GEMMA: I live in Sydney. Home of the mighty Sydney Swans!

MR WOOF: And the most important question for any dog: which are your favourite scratchies, ears or tummy?

GEMMA: Oh most definitely scratchies on the tummy while lying on my back. Mmmmm....

MR WOOF: Mine too! And finally, what places can you be found on the internet?

GEMMA: My twitter is @Gemmathepuppy, my blog is and my store is

MR WOOF:  Thank you so much for giving the time for this interview, Miss Gemma. (Um, is it OK to give you a little lick before we go?)

GEMMA: Errr... ok....please don't mess the fur though. Thank you so much for interviewing me. It's been fun.


  1. I adore this Interview as you both are among my favourite doggies. Do I sense a budding long distance romance? xxx's

  2. Very nice to meet you Gemma! woo woo!


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