Monday, 4 February 2013

A New Home

"But don't you love me anymore?"
- Mr Bumpy.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

We've moved.

It was a traumatic experience.  First of all, I was put in the cat box.  I hate the cat box.

My humans love me. Why would they do that to me?

Then we came to the new house.  The first thing I noticed about the new house was that there were noises in the roof. They were loud, scary noises. It was like possums in the roof, but much, much louder.  I thought it was giant possums. I was a bit scared when I heard the giant possums.

Then I saw what it was.  We have four humans, two regular sized humans and two small ones,  and a black dog living in our roof - right up in our roof, really.  The small humans took Mr Woof up there when the removalists came with our stuff.  He says there's a whole house up there - in our roof! Who would have thought that was possible?  I still get a bit spooked when I hear the noises and then I remember it's not giant possums, it's humans and a black dog named Nelson.

"I quite like my fortress of doom."
- Mr Bumpy.
There is something I do rather like about our new home.

I have my very own cat door, which I can go in and out any time I like.  It leads to a special place that's just for me.

Mum called it a cat cage, but Mr 18 corrected her. I'm the Supreme Feline Overlord, so  this is obviously my Fortress of Doom.   A Feline Overlord needs a Fortress of Doom.  I can watch the whole world go past and nothing can get in here.

Mum says she's going to put a catnip plant in here for me as well, which will make it even better.

I did decide to leave a couple of times, and shot out the front door when Mum was taking Mr Woof out for his wee, but usually I'm happy to hang out in my Fortress and watch the world, and know I'm safe from everything.

Well, as you can expect, I'm very busy establishing my control over this new household. I don't want the humans getting any odd ideas about being in charge or anything like that.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.


  1. Oh Mr Bumpy Cat, what an awesome fortress! I want one!!!!

  2. Great ! I love your fortress ! And those nasty birds who attacked you last year have no chance to do it again, he he...Loupi on Mum's account

  3. Am so glad that you have settled into you new home so well and and got over the noises in the roof. After a while you wont even hear them. I'm so happy you have your own cat door and cat garden where you can hang out and do your cat things like nappin and, oh yes sleeping too xxx's with Love Mr Bumby


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