Monday, 11 February 2013

Parcel for Mr Bumpy

The highs and lows of napping. Mr Woof
and I are enjoying our new house.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

Did you know I got a housewarming present? I was the only one who got one, and it came all the way from America. That's because I'm more loved than anyone else.

The day we were going to move, there was a big storm.  Mum said something about a cyclone that had crossed the coast and become a low pressure zone or some such thing, that to me seemed to say she didn't really know anything about it.

But anyway, the storm was very, very bad in some parts of Brisbane, Mum says in lots of parts of the state, not just our city, but really, how big can one storm be?  Well, there was flooding after the storm as well, and the removalists called Mum and said they couldn't come because their truck was stuck, and they'd come the next day instead.

Well, Mum and Mr 18, moved some of the boxes and things that day, to make the big move faster the next day, and they had a bright idea.  Mr 18 and I would sleep in the new place, so I could be safely in my fortress when the removalists arrived the next morning and the strangers wouldn't bother me.

Mr 18 and I slept in the lounge room, with a sleeping bag and a pillow.

@NikePurrfektCat (who was named
after the goddess, not the shoe) sent
me a yummy housewarming gift.
We were woken next morning by someone at the door. It wasn't Mum and the removalists. It was a delivery man. He said he had a parcel for Mr Bumpy.

Mr 18 was only half awake and was confused, because I don't normally get parcels. He picked me up and said, "This is Mr Bumpy."

The delivery man looked at me and at Mr 18 and said Mr 18 would have to sign for me.  Apparently, Australia Post does not accept paw prints as proof of delivery. I can't imagine why that would be.

Mr 18 didn't help me open my parcel, he just looked strangely at it until Mum got there.

@clingycat missed out, because
someone at Customs was hungry
and took his cat treats.
Mum was surprised, as well. She knew it had been sent, but didn't think it would get here.  My Twitter minion @NikePurrfektCat had sent me some American cat treats.  We didn't expect it to arrive, because @NikePurrfektCat had also sent some to @clingycat and those had been taken by Customs.  Mum says maybe different Customs officers understand the rules about cat treats differently.  I think Customs must not have been so hungry on the day mine came through and didn't take mine for a snack.  Either that, or I've received contraband, smuggled from overseas.  (Don't worry, I'll eat the evidence, no-one will be able to prove anything.)

I let Mr Woof share some of the treats, and he agreed they were very good, even though they were catnip treats.

(I was being friends with Mr Woof for a while.  I was a bit unsure of the new house at first, and Mr Woof made it feel safer.  We're back to normal now, and I beat him up whenever I feel like it.)

I really enjoyed my housewarming present,  and there's still some left.  Mum sometimes puts some out in my fortress so I can enjoy them while I watch the world going past.  It really is a good life.

But I have a very important question. Those treats are Temptations.  We get Temptations here in Australia, in fishy flavours, and meat flavours.  So why don't we get catnip flavour Temptations here the same as they do in America?  Must cats be reduced to trying to sneak treats past Customs any time we want to nibble a bit of a nip flavoured treat?

Who makes Temptations? Maybe I should ask them.  Maybe we could take up a petition.

Anyway, I'm heading out to my fortress to watch the world go by, and maybe nibble on a treat.  I think Mum put some out there.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

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