Sunday, 3 March 2013

Feline Pawty Media Release #3

Polls predict feline landslide

The Feline Pawty is still well ahead in the opinion polls.

According to a poll (in the right-hand column of  100% of respondents would vote for the Feline Pawty at the federal election, and 100% said Mr Bumpy was their preferred Prime Minister.

So far the pawty has announced 12 candidates, for the 150 seats in parliament. 

Pawty Leader Mr Bumpy said the pawty was interested in increasing green tape, so as to encourage businesses to find alternate ways to work which protected the environment.  

He said the pawty was in favour of catnip, and against homelessness. He said no-one should have to be feral in a country where there are enough humans for every cat (and honorary cat) to have one.

To find out more about the Feline Pawty's campaign, go to Campaign Central.

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