Saturday, 20 April 2013

An Embarrassing De-Tail

"I have a stump!" - Mr Woof.
Hello Everyone,

Can I tell you an embarrassing secret? Promise you won't tell anyone?

When I was a puppy, before I met my humans, someone stole my tail. I have a stump.   So when I say "Licks and Tail Wags" at the end of my posts, I really mean "Licks and Stump Wags."

Well, you can imagine how awful it is for a dog to go through life without his most expressive appendage. When I want to show I'm happy, I can't give a good hearty tail wag, I can only give a little stump wiggle.

My humans have always been very nice about it and told me I have a cute stump.  But they also say they'd like to meet the person who did this horrible thing to me and cut off a piece of them.

I can't remember it happening, I was only a little puppy at the time, and I sometimes wonder if maybe I was a very, very bad dog and deserved this horrible treatment.  Mum tells me that can't be true, that she knows I always try my best to be a good dog, and anyway no puppy could ever be naughty enough to deserve something so terrible.

Anyway, my stump and I are off to go explore the yard, and then maybe have a very long nap.  I hope you have a happy day.

Licks and Tail Wags,

Mr Woof,

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  1. Hello Mr Woof, we have not met you before, but we had to stop and leave a comment in support of you and your wee stump. We think it's dreadful that someone stole your tail, it's a rotten thing to do to a little pup. In the UK it is now illegal to dock tails, only certain licenced vets are allowed to do it and the humans have to show that the pup is destined for life as a working dog. We think that sucks too. All dogs should be able to keep their tails, no exception.

    We hope your stump doesn't stop you enjoying life and we bet you find lots of ways of expressing yourself.

    Luff from
    Gerry & Mungo


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