Friday, 7 June 2013

Feline Pawty Media Release #5

Mr Bumpy's paw, with text: 99 days to a new era

Felines Still Ahead in Polls

With only 99 days to go until the Federal Election, a new era in Australian history is about to begin.

Polls (on the right-hand side of predict a Feline Pawty landslide.

100% of 16 voters surveyed would prefer a Feline Pawty Government.  And in the leadership approval poll, 100% of 19 voters said Mr Bumpy was their preferred Prime Minispurr.

Pawty Leader Mr Bumpy said: "Australians are fed up with human politicians. Humans don't even look after each other properly, let alone looking after everyone else."

Mr Bumpy pointed to the issue of assylum seekers, and said if the human politicians had so much trouble re-homing humans in need, how could they be expected to ensure homes for all cats and honorary cats?

He said a Feline Pawty Government will ensure proper re-homing for homelessness whether the person  in need had four legs or two.

"No-one should be without a safe home, a bowl of Friskies, and someone to love them," Mr Bumpy said.  "A Feline Pawty Government will ensure everyone has those basics."

Media contact:
Mr Woof, Doggsbody,
Feline Pawty Media Liaison


  1. WHAT? Where is the DAWG party? *grumbles*

    1. Some of the honorary cats in the Feline Pawty are, strictly speaking, dogs.

  2. Rumpy, as a pusskah who has many lovely woof furriends & just simply adores you, I wish to offer my assurance that we will represent all furs & fluffies. mwah mwah xoxoxo


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