Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mr Woof's a Clever Old Dog

Hello everybody,

I know all our posts are about the election lately, but I had to show you these pictures which aren't about the election at all.

You might know that with my bad leg, I have trouble with stairs.  There's two steps to climb to get to the back room in our house.

A while ago, my friend Nelson's humans came to visit. They measured me and they measured the stairs to the back room, and then they went away.

Then they came back with a ramp for me to walk up the two steps to the back room...

I've mastered coming up the ramp now, but I'm still having trouble with going down.

But I wanted to show you the pictures so you can see what a clever old dog I am!

Pic of Mr Woof climbing his doggy ramp

Image: Mr Woof climbing his doggy ramp.

Is that bad manners for me to say I'm clever?  I'm sorry, I was just a bit excited about it.  I'm not usually the kind of dog who skites about his own achievements.

Oh, I did have a little bit of help - Mr 19 picked up Mr Bumpy so he couldn't attack me while I was on the ramp. (He's done that before.)  So stopping Mr Bumpy from biting and scratching me while I concentrated on the ramp was sort of helping.  But the ramp bit I did all by myself!

Licks and tail wags.

Mr Woof,
Feline Pawty Candidate for Perth.

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  1. Awe you are so adorable ... let me know if Mr Bumpy attacks you again on your ramp and I'll come up and bash him up xxx's Mr. Woofy


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