Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

I have to say everyone should just take a chill pill, and not get so upset.

It really isn't what it looks like.

I know the green foam mat was vandalised, but honestly, it was like that when I found it.  It had absolutely nothing to do with me, no matter how incriminating the photo looked.

Image: Mr Bumpy sitting in the middle of a shredded green foam mat.
"I found it like that." - Mr Bumpy.

And as for the suggestion I was later caught green-pawed, well, I've seen that photo too.

Image: white cat's paw with a small piece of green foam mat caught on the claw.
"That could be any cat's paw." - Mr Bumpy

Clearly, that could be any cat's paw.  And even if it were mine, I was the one who found the mat in that state, so the bit of mat could have got caught on my claw while I was investigating.

It's all just too much.  The pupparazzi take a few photos, and all of a sudden everyone thinks the Supreme Feline Overlord's a vandal.

Having my character so maligned is exhausting.  I'm going to go and have a nap.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Image: Mr Bumpy's paw with his name written across it.

Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord,
Feline Pawty Prime Minispurrial Candidate.


  1. WOW *high paw* you are my idol ... could you come visit and help me with our carpet?

    1. I'm sure I could lend a paw... Just need to finish up with Mr Woof's green foam mat (it's supposed to stop his ramp sliding away.) Not, of course, that I would be damaging his mat......

  2. IT'S A SET-UP !!!

    Hmmm... I think maybe it's you I might have to apologize to for my possible screw-ups in today's post. Hmmmm... Sorry 'bout that.

    Anywho... I do hope you'll get a chance to visit me over at Nerissa's Life. There's a special little somethin' waitin' for you there.


    PS. If, by chance, you already have the award in question and since it looks like I might have made a royal mess up of a particular award when I was acceptin' it and didn't get your prior written approval to mess up... well... why don't you grab the MY FAVOURITE THINGS award. I think I've got some grovellin' to do. purrs

    1. Thank you for sharing your bling with me - I know how much bling means to you and I'm honoured that you'd share.

  3. Mr Woof could be incriminated as well : look closely at the picture on his last post... For us, only nasty little unknown bugs can be guilty for the destruction of the green foam mat. It's obvious ! Loupi and Zorro

    1. Well, it is Mr Woof's mat after all. It's his ramp it's meant to keep in place. ... So of course he has far more to do with it than I do. I wonder why the pupparazzi isn't always hounding him!


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