Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Image: Mr Woof and Mr Bumpy, asleep in the big bed.
"There's plenty of room." - Mr Bumpy.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

I once watched a show on TV with Mr 19, that I thought was quite good.

It was about a man who had pointy ears (maybe he was part cat), who liked things to be logical and make sense.

He had a problem, though, because he lived with humans, who are never logical and don't make sense.

I understand his problem.  I have to deal with humans every day.  And let me tell you, they are not logical, and they just don't make sense.

Last night, for example, Mum, Mr Woof and I were all in the bed, when Mum said: "I can't believe how much of the bed two hairy little bodies take."

I was shocked. How much of the bed we take up?

She went on to say: "I would like to be able to roll over without squashing someone."

Well, here's the truth, isn't it?

Mum is a huge creature.  When she flails around with all the grace of a beached whale, trying to get comfortable, yes, smaller family members who may happen to be pressed into either side of her do get squashed.

But is it logical to say that our small hairy bodies are taking up too much of the bed?

Who is squashing who here? Does anyone get squashed when Mr Woof or I move in our sleep?

Logically, the one who is too big, and taking up too much of the bed, is Mum.  Maybe she should go and sleep on the couch.  There's plenty of room when she's not here.

"Mum's going to the couch? Wait for me." - Mr Woof.

"Hey, guys, don't leave me alone here." - Mr Bumpy.

As I was saying, humans just make no sense at all. They're completely illogical.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,
Image: Mr Bumpy's paw with his name written across it.

Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord,
Feline Pawty Prime Minispurrial Candidate.


  1. Mr. Bumpy, that's where Granny complains about too, but I'm only lie on my half side of the bed and she and grandpa lie on their half side of the bed :)

  2. You are SO right! It IS illogical for your mom to say that.

    I know this pointy-eared man of whom you speak. I believe that if he were to be placed in the same position as your mom, he would sleep on the floor, and roll around to his heart's content. Or is that hearts'? He have one or two of those... Hmmm...



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