Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pupparazzi Pics

Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

The pupparazzi have been at it again.

I know it comes from being an A-lister.

"You're not an A-lister, you're on a list. The list Captain Worm-Sparrow's human keeps of Twitter animals in Australia and New Zealand." - Mr Woof.

So please, allow me to explain the pictures you may have seen floating around the internet.

Mr Bumpy, looking in through the security screen on a window.

I was not being a creepy peeping tom-cat.

I was.....

"You were what?" - Mr Woof.

Well, er, that's an Official Feline Secret, and of course, as you know, I am not at liberty to divulge Official Feline Secrets.

"Twit!" - Fang Budgie.

So I can't tell you what I was doing, but rest assured, it was in no way creepy or strange. And there was a perfectly good explanation.

image: Mr Bumpy, sitting blocking the kitchen cupboard door. Empty food bowls are in front of him, and the cupboard contains animal food.And in this picture, well, yes, I was sitting and blocking the cupboard door so it could not be closed.

As you can see, however, this was the cupboard where the Friskies and stinky fish are stored, and my bowls were empty.

I was not being an obstructionist nuisance as the tabloids are making out. This was a legitimate protest at the emptiness of my food bowls, which ought to always contain food.

"It wasn't meal time, Bumps." - Mr Woof.

Any time a cat wants to eat is meal time, and Mr Woof, you can keep your cold wet nose out of it.

Anyway, as I was saying, just because the pupparazzi snaps a picture, doesn't mean the picture tells the whole story.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,

A much maligned,
Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord,
Feline Pawty Prime Minispurrial Candidate.


  1. Nowdays it's really impawtant to have a good survey on his privacy, and take care of your on-line reputation. That the best way to correct the possible calumnies and rumors about us. Loupi, proud Feline Pawty candidate for Education

  2. Captain Worm-Sparrow says her list is the A list!


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