Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Care of the Elderly

Image: A human sits on the edge of the couch, so as not to disturb Mr Woof who is sleeping behind him.
"Never disturb a sleeping old dog" - Mr Woof.
Hello Everyone,

You know the election date's been set again - now it's going to be the 7th of September.  So Mr Bumpy says he wants the Feline Pawty out and campaigning.

I've been campaigning on the bed, on the couch, and sometimes in a sunny patch of the yard.

Do you remember that Bumps gave me an important job for the Feline Pawty?

I'm going to be the Minispurr for the ageing.

I'm an expert on getting old.

I think the big thing about dealing with anyone who is getting old, is to know that they need extra care and consideration.  We can't do the things we used to.

I get some special considerations now, that I didn't as a young pup. And I think this is important for anyone who isn't a young pup any more.

So what happens differently now?

When I was a pup, I was put to bed in my bed, but during the night I would "fall" up into Mum's bed.  Now, if I want to sleep in Mum's bed, I ask and she picks me up.

When I was a pup, I only ever got a taste of the humans' food when they finished dinner.  Now, when Mum's cutting up a roast, little bits tend to just fall into my dish.

When I was a pup, people would move me off the couch when they wanted to sit down.  Now they very carefully sit near me, or on the edge of the couch. Where I want to be, I get to be.

When I was a pup, baths on cold days meant getting out of a warm bath into a cold room.  Now, the humans put on a heater to warm the room while they run my bath.  Mr 19 never bothers with the heater when he has a shower. Mum only uses it on very cold days. Me, I get the heater and a warm bath and then snuggled in a big soft towel.

When I was a pup, most visitors came to see the humans.  Now, most visitors seem to be here to give me scratchies.  One visitor gave me so many tummy rubs and scratchies, I had to sleep for four hours to recover.  Whenever Miss 21 comes to visit she tells me I'm the best dog in the world.

Everyone takes extra care of me now - well, everyone except Bumps.

So, when I'm Minispurr for Ageing, I want to make sure all oldies get extra care. Because that's what we need.  Old dogs need to know they're the best dog in the world to their humans.  Old humans need to know they're the best human in the world to someone. And we all need help with some things that we just can't do for ourselves any more.

Well I'm off to go and do some campaigning.  Just after I have a nap.

Licks and tail wags.

Mr Woof,
Feline Pawty Candidate for Perth.
Shadow Minispurr for Ageing.

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  1. Woff you really have a good hand on what is needed for the elders


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