Thursday, 29 August 2013

Murder and Mayhem

The Daily Muck
Murder and Mayhem in Suburbia
by Erma Sludge

Behind bars: Mr Bumpy shows no remorse
for his crime spree.
Feline Pawty leader and Prime Minispurrial Candidate Mr Bumpy is in trouble again.

He is currently under house arrest, following an incident yesterday.

Mr Bumpy allegedly kidnapped an innocent bird, killed it, took it inside and dismembered and ate it under Mum's bed and then puked it back up under the same bed.

It is understood that Mum had to move the bed to clean up the mess.

Mr Bumpy refused to be interviewed by The Daily Muck, but a post on his Facebook page showed his lack of remorse.

House arrest! Really! What's a little murder and mayhem? The bird started it.

Mr Bumpy has been charged with: murder, breaking the "no corpses in the house" rule, and general grossness.

Mr Woof, seen playing in the yard was asked about the state of the Mr Bumpy's legal case.  He said, "Mum's pretty mad at Bumps, she even used the b-word. 

"Bumps is tough, though.  He doesn't cry when he's called 'bad', like I do.

"But I don't think he's coming out to play any time soon."

With the Federal Election little more than a week away, the Feline Pawty cannot afford this latest scandal involving their leader.


  1. But who is talking about murder ? Mr Bumpy just acted as a cat has to act, according to Outdoor Cats Rules. I must admit he's guilty of puking on human's bed, but is it really so impawtant ? Loupi

  2. I think Mr Bumpy should be awarded a gold medal for his incredible hunting and barfing skills! Bet neither Dr Death or the Budgie Smuggler have these skills

  3. Oh my DOG!!!!!


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