Friday, 25 October 2013

Edu-cat-ion and Gifts

Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,
"Cream would have been a better present,
but I guess this was pretty good for
small humans."  - Mr Bumpy

Today was World Teachers Day.

I've never needed anyone to teach me anything.  I just always known all I need to know.

So you're saying you never learn anything? - Mr Woof.

No, I never have to learn anything.

Twit! - Fang Budgie.

Humans, however do need to learn things.  Miss 22 and Mr 19 used to go to school, and now they go to uni. They have teachers to teach them important things that humans need to know.

I'm not quite sure what they learn, but I think it's things like how to feed cats, how to brush cats, how to throw jingle balls for cats and how to change cat litter.  I think Mr 19 must be almost finished learning, because he's incredibly good at brushies and throwing my jingle ball.

Learning about cats is so important, that my cat-it-orials are taught in school. For instance, I've discovered that Mrs Blake at Grace College in Redcliffe has been looking at my blog with her grade seven English class.

I'm sure they've learned lots of very important things from reading my cat-it-orials. I was told they read my post about the Great Friskies Crisis, so they definitely know how important it is to always make sure there are plenty of Friskies in the house.

One of Mrs Blake's classes has also been putting together presents for small humans who don't have the good things small humans have in Australia. That's something extra they did, as well as learning important things from my cat-it-orials.

"I inspected the boxes as a public service" -
Mr Bumpy.
Well, of course, as a public service, I felt it was my duty to give the presents a very close inspection.

They included clothes, and toys and toothbrushes, and pencils and pens and books.  There were some great things for small humans in the boxes.

I was a little disappointed to find that none of the boxes had cream, stinky fish, friskies or jingle balls, but both Mum and Mrs Blake said the presents weren't for me. I don't know how anyone could make presents, and not make some for me.

It's about giving things to small humans who don't have a lot - not to give things to a cat who has heaps of stuff. - Mr Woof.

Anyway, I did think it was very good of them to pack such interesting boxes of things. And I'm sure other small humans will be happy with these presents.

I think I'll give Mrs Blake's grade 7 English classes my Bumpy Seal of Approval.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,

Mr Bumpy,
Supreme Feline Overlord.

(If you want to know more about the shoe box presents for small humans, you'll find them at Operation Christmas Child.)


  1. Hi mr bumpy cat my name is Tyler, I am in mrs Blake's year 7 class and I've been wondering how you understand English?

    1. Hello Tyler,
      I've been living with humans who use English for seven years. I've learned to understand them by fitting their words to what is happening. For example, when Mum says "Friskies" and pours them into my bowl, I know that means the yummy crunchy cat food. When Mum says "brushies" and gets out a brush to do my hair, I know what "brushies" means. Likewise, when I've done something totally awesome and Mum says "bad cat", I know that means that what I've done is so great I should do it lots and lots.
      Cats choose not to speak in your language, but we watch you and listen to you. We understand humans far more than you think.

  2. Hi mr bumpy cat, my name is Tyler and I am in Mrs Blake's year 7 class, anyway I was wondering how you can understand English?

  3. Just stopping by to wish mew all a pawesomely spooktacular Halloween!

    Bestest purrs


    Basil xx


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