Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Bump in the Night

Mum: Bumpy!

Mr Bumpy:  Go away I'm sleeping.

Mum: Bumpy!

Bumpy: It's in the Feline Code, "Never disturb a sleeping cat!"

Mum: Apart from waking me up five times because you wanted cuddles, what else did you do last night?

Mr Bumpy: Go away.  I'm invisible. You can't see me.

Mum: Come here and explain this.

Mr Bumpy: I'm shocked! Mr Woof is such a bad dog!

Mr Woof: Who me? What did I do?

Mum: Bumpy, this shoe thing of yours is getting out of hand.

Mr Bumpy: Well, you leave shoes out on the floor and the shoe shelf, where any passing cat could get them. What do you expect?


  1. We totally agree with you Bumpy : the dog is to blame. Purrs

  2. Of course it was the always is ;) Pawkiss :)

  3. Hey, I'm siding with the cat on this one. I have also been wrongly accused when it was the human's fault for leaving it within reach.


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