Sunday, 17 November 2013

Baby Blues

"Why can't I share Joey's things?"
- Mr Bumpy.
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

My Caturday was interrupted yesterday by baby Joey coming to visit.

Caturday should be all about me.  Actually everything should be all about me. Instead, Mum spent the afternoon fussing over Joey.

They had songs and stories and games with toys.  I said, "I have toys, you could throw my jingle ball for me." But Mum just made Joey's crocodile and turtle dance to nursery rhymes for her.

And I got told I can't use Joey's things. It's my house, and all these things are in it, but Mum says no, I can't use anything that's for Joey.  That's not fair at all.  If Joey wanted to share my Friskies I'd let her, as long as I got to eat first.

Then, when Mum put Joey in her fortress to give Mr Woof and me our dinner, I found out, Joey was going to stay all night.  Mum called it a "sleep over".  I called it an "imposition". A very, very small human was staying in my home, all night, and no-one even asked me if I approved.

Mum said she would leave the animal door open later so Mr Woof and I wouldn't keep asking to go out.

So I went out, all right.

It wasn't long before Mum was calling me back inside.  She heard a very loud cat fight, and for some reason assumed I was involved.

Of course, I wasn't.  I can't imagine why she thought I would lower myself to being involved in a neighbourhood cat fight.

Er, because she knows you, Bumps? - Mr Woof.

Anyway, I came in to reassure her I was fine, and curled up on the end of the couch, beside her.  I stayed right beside her then until today, when Miss 22 and her husband came and took Joey away.


  1. Hard days for you my friend. It's hard to have to share your mom with a little invasive creature like a new kitty or a new baby. Baby's and cat's toys are made to be safe and can be chewed, why doesn't your mom allow you and Joey to share your toys ? Loupi
    Impawtent pee-esse from Zorro : I'm not an invader !

    1. Poor Loupi! At least I only have visits from my new little creature, you have Zorro all the time! Er, ah, I mean, you're so lucky to have a cute little brother.

  2. Those are baby blues for sure. The bluest of the blues. You couldn't play with the baby's stuff? Your mum gave the baby most of her attentions? MOUSES! Well, today will be YOUR day, I am sure. I'm simply positive about that.



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