Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What We're Doing Today

Mr Woof's To Do List:
7. Go outside and sleep in the sun.

  1. Wake up.
  2. Scratch.
  3. Go out for a bathroom break.
  4. Eat Weetbix and save some in beard for later.
  5. Go back to sleep.
  6. Wake up.
  7. Go outside and sleep in the sun.
  8. Come back inside.
  9. Ask to be lifted up on to the couch.
  10. Sleep on couch until dinner time.
  11. Go out for a bathroom break and randomly bark at the neighbourhood.
  12. Come in and bark at Mum for dinner. Bumps will help with the pleading and demanding.
  13. Wait patiently until Bumps has looked at my dinner and decided he doesn't want it and won't bother to hurt me for it.
  14. Gobble dinner.
  15. Sleep in front of the television.
  16. Go to bed. Sleep.

Mr Bumpy's To Do List:
19. If I find prey, attempt to bring it into the house without the humans seeing me.

  1. Wake up.
  2. Stroke Mum's hair (with claws extended) until Mum wakes up. 
  3. Demand Friskies.
  4. If Mum is too slow, bite her and tell her I'm going to eat her if she doesn't feed me immediately.
  5. Eat Friskies.
  6. Eat more Friskies.
  7. Puke from over-eating.
  8. Have a post-breakfast nap.
  9. Go out to the patio. Sit on the chair next to Budgie Towers and stare at the budgies in an intimidating manner.
  10. Find a spot in the sunshine. Have a mid-morning nap.
  11. Find Mr 19 and demand brushies.
  12. Have a late-morning nap.
  13. Plot world domination.
  14. Find a jingle ball. Take it to a human and demand it be thrown repeatedly for jingle ball chasing.
  15. Jump into one of the humans' beds. Have a mid-day nap.
  16. Wake up, move to Mr Woof's bed. Have an early afternoon.
  17. Scratch Mr Woof when he comes looking for his bed.
  18. Explore the garden, search for mice or lizards to hunt.
  19. If I find prey, attempt to bring it into the house without the humans seeing me.
  20. Some Official Feline Secrets.
  21. Have a mid-afternoon nap.
  22. Ask Mr 19 to put treats in my fortress.  
  23. Observe the neighbourhood from my fortress while eating treats and contemplating having all humans trained to obey me the way the humans who live in my home do.
  24. Chew on some of my cat grass contemplatively.
  25. Have a late afternoon nap on the furry blankey.
  26. Find Mr 19 and walk all over his computer while he's working on it.
  27. Find Mum and walk all over her computer while she's working on it.
  28. Have a pre-dinner nap (preferably on a human, in the position most inconvenient for the human).
  29. Get under Mum's feet and try to trip her over.
  30. Join Mr Woof in explaining the time and demanding my stinky fish.
  31. Investigate Mr Woof's smelly old dog food then decide my stinky fish is much better. Eat stinky fish.
  32. Walk all over the humans while they're watching television. Demand that they give me more attention than the news.
  33. Have an after dinner nap.
  34. Sneak out just before lock up time.
  35. Some more Official Feline Secrets.
  36. Ignore Mum when she calls me to come in.
  37. Stay out past lock up time.
  38. Once I'm sure Mum's asleep, scratch at her bedroom window.
  39. When Mum opens the window, leap from the window ledge to her shoulder, to the bed.  
  40. Sleep in the very middle of Mum's bed.


  1. Hi Mr Bumpy - love those lists, I did laugh lots!!! It's the same here :D :D

    BTW in the morning (Thursday 21st) on my blog is something furry mice fur mew!!!

    Happiest purrs

    Basil xox

  2. Wow, we're exhausted just reading those lists! :)


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