Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Goodbye Mr Woof

Mr Woof 1996-2013

Goodbye old friend,
faithful companion, confidant,
licker of toes and warmer of feet,
chaser (but never quite catcher) of posties' motorcycles,
thief of teddy bears, pillows and avocado sandwiches,
stoic survivor of paralysis tick, cane toad toxin, and cruciate catastrophies,
anxious barker, snorer, snuffly sniffer, 
fearful of cats, and of being alone,
lover of beaches, duck ponds, and furry blankies, and incredibly long naps,
heroic guarder of treats,
furry child and brother,
wagger of stumpy tail,
connoisseur of pigs ears, rawhide chews, and bad smells,
excitable puppy, even in old age,
weetbix gobbler,
prickle collector,
beard food storer,
hater of baths, flea treatments and veterinary thermometers,
well-meaning trip hazard,
lover of routine, of family, and scratches,
pathetic pleader for people food,
clown and king,
champion sleeper,
stress puppy,
botherer of offensive old neighbour,
prolific pooper,
territorial wee-er,
bathroom door guarder,

the best dog in the world.


  1. Very nice eulogy Mr. Bumpy. Be extra nice to your humans—it's a hard time for them. RIP Mr Woof

  2. We're sorry for your loss ; we send you comforting purrs and gentle headbutts. Purrs

  3. Dear Mr Bumpy and your humans ... so sad for your loss of Mr Woof, may your memories of him always keep a smile in your heart

  4. We're sorry to hear about Mr. Woof. Purrs to you....

  5. Mr Bumpy, I cannot imagine the gaping hole mr Woof has left in ur lives, but humum tells us he was a good dog for pusskahs & for that we grieve with you. Mr Woof is galloping now & living without fear of cats forever more. his love will always be here on earth

  6. Mr Bumpy, your beautiful Mr Woof is OTRB galloping about & frolicking with cats who no longer scare him. Humum thanks you for the special gift & privilege of having met Mr Woof & shared his love. xoxoxoxo

  7. Rest in peace, Mr. Woof. Hugs for you and your family....


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