Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fanta's First Post

Hello everyone!
Mr Bumpy won't come
down from the fridge.

My name's Fanta.

I'm new here.  I'm doing the post because Mr Bumpy won't come down from the top of the fridge.

My new catty brother doesn't seem to like me very much, but Mum says give him time.

So, I've learned lots of things since I moved into my new home. Do you want to know about them?

  1. Me driving the car is a "no".
  2. Jumping up on Budgie Towers trying to catch the birds is a "no".
  3. "Meow" does not mean, "I want to play chasey. Come and catch me."  I'm not sure what it does mean.  I think I am going to have to learn feline, or get a translator.
  4. Offering Bumpy one of my squeaky toys will not get him to come down from whatever high up spaces he's in, to play with me.
  5. Mr Bumpy did not need sister, and I am surplus to requirements.
  6. Mum says Mr Bumpy will get over himself eventually. 
  7. Jumping on my baby makes her fall down and cry, so I have to be careful not to do that, no matter how exciting our game is. 
  8. If my my baby falls down and cries, lots and lots of licks make her laugh again.
  9. If my baby cries and I can't make her happy again, it means she is tired and not even the big humans can make her happy until she goes to sleep. 
  10. Mum likes the end of the bed with the pillows.  I am supposed to stay at the other end of the
    Lap dog, requiring two laps.
    bed, until Mum's asleep and doesn't know what I'm doing. Once she's sleeping, I can creep up and share the pillows.
  11. Mum does not like 17kg of bull terrier lying across her chest or head when she's trying to sleep. 
  12. When Mum's in the really, really, tiny room, she prefers that I guard her from outside the door.
  13. I can be a lap dog, but I'm too big for just one lap.  I have to lie across two laps.
  14. Disemboweling the cushions while Mum is at the shops is a "no".
  15. Mum going to the shops sometimes means I get new toys.
  16. I'm a polite little lady and I don't need to bark when the ill-mannered dogs around the neighbourhood bark.
  17. Digging up Mum's rose plant is a "no".
    Bed - a great place to
    store toys and eat
  18. I have lots of my own toys, I can play with.  Taking anyone else's toys is a "no", even if I give the one of mine in exchange.
  19. My bed is a great place to keep my toys and to eat treats.  I sleep on the floor or on Mum's bed
  20. I eat my food, not anyone else's.  Bumpy's food is now kept high up on his cat tree so I can't help him eat it.
  21. Mum doesn't run around, but the other humans in my family like to play running games with me.
  22. I have a really, really  big yard, and I'm allowed to play in all of it, except the part where Budgie Towers is.  But I'm not supposed to chase Bumpy up trees and keep him stuck up there. I don't know why not - it's lots of fun.
  23. The vacuum cleaner is scary... if you don't believe me, ask my baby, she thinks so too.
  24. When Mum asks for things I have, I should give them to her nicely.... but I can play tug of war with the other big humans, as long as it's with one of my rope-type toys.
  25. The cat door is too small for me, only my head goes through, and if I run at it, I will get stuck. (I've tried a couple of times, it's always the same.)  Until Mum gets me a new doggy door, I have to wait for the humans to open the big door.
Well, that's all for now.  I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you about my new home in the future.  If you're in the neighbourhood, come over and play with me.  Oh, wait, Mr Bumpy says do not come over and play, sorry. Maybe we can meet in the dog park, when I've settled in and am allowed to go out.

Lots of licks. Lots of tail wags. No barks (because polite little ladies don't do that).
Bye for now.
Miss Fantasia Dog
(but you can call me Fanta)

PS.  Did you know you could donate to the shelter where I lived before I found my forever home?  Find the donation page for the Animal Welfare League of Queensland here: 


  1. Knowing you're a dog, you're a very polite girl, Fanta ! You're very lucky to have met your mom, she's an amazing woman, and have a great nice family ! Humans have a lot of "no" rules, don't worry : you'll learn how to deal with it (we hope Bumpy will help you very soon). Just to say, we cats usually don't like dogs first, and we need time to understand that some dogs may be acceptable, or even furriends with us ! Purrs

  2. I like woofies! We have a doggy too, I bet they will warm up to you soon. Love, Cody


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