Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Don't Have a Hot Dog

The best part is, I know I'm loved.
Hello Everyone!

I just love my new home and my new family.  It feels like I really belong here. The best part about it is that I know  I'm loved.

Even Mr Bumpy, my catty brother, who tries to act so tough, occasionally gives me a little smooch.

Of course, even being loved, I still have some disappointments.  My humans sometimes have to go out.  At those times, they leave me home.  It's late in spring here, and already it's getting really hot.  They leave me home so I can stay in the air conditioning, because it's too hot for dogs outside during the day. They give me interesting things to chew on while they're away, so I don't get anxious and chew things I shouldn't.

Do you know that some humans don't love their doggies as much as I'm loved?  Some humans take their dogs out and then leave them locked in the car. Those people deserve a good barking at, and even a bite.  Some big, brave, handsome, police dog, should come along and punish them. Doggies can get sick and even die if they're left in hot cars.  Humans who love their doggies should help them keep cool.

My humans are always concerned to keep me cool.  So, even though I'm disappointed that I don't get to go the places they're going, I know my humans do love me.  So I give them lots of cuddles and licks to show them that I understand.

The other disappointment now, is that with the warmer weather, fleas and ticks start to appear.  Because my humans love me, they don't want me to get fleas or, far worse, paralysis ticks. That means Mr Bumpy and I have to be sprayed with yukky smelly stuff every three weeks. The stuff is horrible, it's worse than a bath.  But I co-operate with it (the same as I co-operate with baths) because I know it means my humans love me a lot. They put yukky spray on me, but they do it so bad things won't happen to me.

So even the disappointments are really good after all, they're because my humans love me very, very much.

Lots of licks. Lots of tail wags. No barks (because polite little ladies don't do that).
Bye for now.
Miss Fantasia Dog
(but you can call me Fanta)


  1. What a good woofie you are! I am so happy you have good people to love you! You deserve it!

  2. We're so glad to read you're doing well in your forever home, Fanta ! And it's very kind of Bumpy to let you write a blogpost ! It's great he accepts you ! Purrs


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