Thursday, 11 December 2014


Mine is a pirate skull and
Hello out there in the Bloggosphere,

Whenever the humans go out to the shops, they usually get things for Fanta and me.  In fact, Fanta's been known to stick her nose in the shopping bags looking or her present.  She usually gets a new squeaky toy.  I prefer to get jingle balls or treats.

Well, yesterday, Mum and Mr 20 brought us back a different type of present.  We got jewelry.

I have a new, very masculine collar tag.  It's a Jolly Roger - a skull and crossbones.  It's black and white like me, and very stylish.

Fanta's is far more girly.  She has a sparkly red paw print, with a red heart as part of the paw print.

I'm quite proud of mine, but Fanta was really excited about hers.  When Mr 20 took her collar to put the tag on it, she stayed right beside him, staring at the collar and the sparkly, and after he put it on her, she stayed cuddled up to him for hours and hours.

Our tags aren't just jewelry, however.  Even though they quite stylish,they also have a practical purpose.  They have our names and phone numbers engraved on the back.

Fanta's is a sparkly red paw print,
with a heart in it.
We already had our council tags and our microchips to say who we are, but Mum says she likes to have all her bases covered.

She had just read about a friend  of hers on Facebook whose Staffordshire Bull Terrier went missing, and a Staffy Mum owned years ago had disappeared, as well. She said she doesn't want either of us to go missing, ever.  But just in case we did get lost for some reason, she wants to make sure there's every chance of getting us home safely.   So now we have microchips, council tags and identity jewelry.  Maybe it's a bit overboard, but I guess it does show that our humans really do care about us.

I've been thinking about this since yesterday, and I've realized something.  None of the humans have microchips.  None of them have council tags. And none of them have any identity jewelry. Their pretty things are just pretty things. So if any of our humans ever went missing, no-one would be able to find them and send them home to us.

I mentioned this to Fanta, and of course, being the scaredy dog she is, she has been constantly checking on the humans, and panicking if they are out of sight for even a little while.

I can see why I need all those things, when the humans don't, because I'm the most important member of the family.  It would be a disaster if I ever went missing.  I don't know why Fanta needs them all, though.  She's just a dog. If she went missing, it wouldn't bother me at all.

Until next time we meet in the Bloggosphere,
I remain,

Mr Bumpy,
Very, very important,
Supreme Feline Overlord.


  1. What a cool jewelry ! You rock, Bumpy ! You still miss a tattoo to have all bases covered in all possible ways MOL ! Maybe your humans have a tattoo instead of microchip or council tag ? Purrs

  2. We love your skull and crossbones tag, Bumpy. We wear tags too...but not as cool as yours.

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