Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mum's Perspective: What I've Learned From Living With Animals

See point 4.

  1. An anxious dog is the most destructive force in nature.
  2. When an animal walks on a human, the paw standing on the most sensitive part will hold the entire animal's weight plus thirty percent.
  3. Animals may nap for most of the day, but they do not believe in allowing a human to nap.
  4. The instant a human vacates a seat, an animal will take it, before the human returns.
  5. It is impossible to move a bull terrier who decides she doesn't want to go.
  6. When you lie down with animals, you get woken early.
  7. When you die, your cat will eat you to avoid starvation.  In fact, if you haven't died, but his stinky fish is 5 minutes late, your cat will try to eat you to avoid starvation.
  8. Grocery bags must be sniffed, to identify the ones with treats in them.
  9. Animals are always only one snack away from starvation.
  10. An animal alarm clock has no snooze button.
  11. A cat grooming a human is never a comfortable experience.
  12. Animals can make you feel guilty for leaving them to buy animal food.
  13. You may think you've seen every possible place for an animal to puke - there's always another, more creative, one.
  14. Animals do not think they are human. They think they are superior to humans.
  15. Animals will leave their toys in places you are certain the animals could not actually get into. 
  16. Your big brave guard dog, will always feel prefer to guard you from safely behind you.
  17. A 16kg bull terrier who believes she is a lap dog, is very awkward to handle.
  18. Animals do not know when they are full. If allowed to do so, they will eat double their own bodyweight in a day and still believe they are hungry.
  19. Animals always want to be on the other side of any  closed door.
  20. Animals are like children, they will frustrate you, annoy you, surprise you, entertain you, teach you and learn from you, and enrich your life in ways you never expected. They will become a vital part of your life.


  1. Absolutely Iris ! Concatulations Bumpy, you trained you human very well ! Purrs


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