Friday, 23 October 2015


Percy cat sitting beside a cat door that won't let him out.

Percy:  Food had been left outside for me every night after I moved out.  Then it got moved inside , with the garage door open a little bit for me.  That was all good.  Then this cat door appeared.  I thought that was great.  I know all about cat doors.

The door let me in, but there's something wrong with it, and it just won't let me out again.

Meowt! Let meowt!  Meeeeeeeooooowwwwwwttttttttt!

Mr Bumpy cat, with shaved bits and sores.

Mr Bumpy:  I'm still bumped and bruised.  I look strange with all the shaved-off bits.  I still have to take pills.  Now Mum says I have to go back to the vet again!

And to top it all off the new guy's back, and I'm not allowed to go outside.

Meowt!  Let meowt!  Meeeeeeooooowwwwwtttttt!

Fanta dog playing with squeaky pig toy.

Fanta:  Percy's back and Bumpy's almost better.  Mum and I can sleep at night without jumping up every time we hear a yowl or a cat bell.  Both my cats are home and safe, and well, or getting well. Now I can relax and play.

Piggy, piggy.  Who want to throw my squeaky piggy for me to chase?


  1. Percy, we think your outside days are over. ;)

    1. They certainly are if I can help it. (Mr Bumpy Cat and Friends' Mum.)


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