Sunday, 18 October 2015

Owie Meowie

Hey Minions.

The vet gave me some stuff, so I'm not quite "with it".

I got an owie.  That's what Joey calls it "an owie."

Owwwwiiiieeeee  meeeeoooowwwwiiiieeee!!!!!!!

Oh hey, is that my paw there?

What was I?

Oh yeah, the owie.

I went out the other night.  Mum was putting out food for Percy and I got out while she was doing it.

I didn't come home until about 3am.

That was a great night.  I got in a bit of a fight, but, hey, it's all in a good night out.

This morning, Mr D looked at my face and said I looked like a Na'vi from Avatar.  My face was swollen up, and my nose didn't have a shape any more.

By the time Mum got home from church, my whole face was swollen, so it was off to the vet.

I complained in the cat box, of course. But the vet was OK, except for the thermometer, you-know-where.  I pulled my tail tightly around my rump, and both Mum and Mr D held on to me so the vet could lift my tail up.

It's undignified and uncomfortable.  Vets should not be able to put cold thermometers up cats'  ahhhh where was I?

Oh yeah.  Then the vet gave me a needle.

I don't know much more after that, except somehow I got this bucket thing on my head.  I've tried to back out of it, but no matter how much I back up, it's still all around my head.

The vet nurse told Mum I was a really good cat and I was purring while they were working on my face. Nothing at the vet is ever as bad as the thermometer.

Anyway, I am just soooooo tired, I can't keep my head up.

I think I'll just lie down here.  Thunk!

So until, you know.

I'm Bumps, the Supreme Feelfine Over-pawed err, I'm the Boss Cat.

I am cat, hear me snore.

Update:  We're having to take the cone off Mr Bumpy.  He may be the only cat in the world that could achieve this, but he's further injured himself trying to take the thing off.  - Mum.


  1. Oh no, Bumpy, that's a bad ouchie ! You were so brave at the vet ! We send you tons of healing purrs and hope you get better soon (and get rid of the Cone of Shame as well). Purrs

  2. Poor Bumpy! We purr that your owie heals quickly. I had to wear that Cone of Shame once and I hated it! ~Ernie


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